Thursday, 15 August 2019

Warcry tested and Cypher Lords finished

With finished off the Cypher Lords war band, I decided to test the Warcry complete.  The Cypher lords for me are perhaps the best GW plastics I have seen they look superb when   Completed. wonderful poses and attitude, also look great on the table
 Wonderful  miniatures

 So I laid out the terrain from the bocx and card you deal, a great way to set up and composed my forces, the  rule book  gives you some scenarios and  tasks, Coalition of death I played using the rules and set up from the book, I played the basic warbands for the first try the Iron Golems VS  Untamed Beasts, about 400 points,.Rolled the set up and  placement fo the 3 sections of each team , this is a great way to  place any miniatures. the  initiative dice were more simpler than i read to play and  the game was relay good fun the Untamed  Beasts winning by 1 point. So the Cypher lords came out  replacing the  Iron Golems and the points rose to about 600, Totaly different terrain via the cards, The game was fast and so fluid. the  fast moving blades of the Cyphers were   devastating but the Untamed Beast again won 3-2 .
 So Thoughts by me???
The game is perhaps the most complete and   best composed of anything so far from GW and I have played a lot of there systems. Its fast easy to set up and  all you need is in the box complete... The plastics are of the highest quality and the Terrain is  out of this  world to use.. 10/10 from me and more games to come...
A selection of pictures from the games below

Monday, 12 August 2019

Warcry painted

 Got the new  starter set from GW, Very impressed with the quality and content, amazing miniatures superb terrain. I painted the set  and enjoyed all of it. here is some pictures of the finished stuff,

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Day 2 BOYL 2019

 Day 2 and well more people more games more guests,  Amazing day, many  gamers  come to  play and enjoy the great atmosphere of the BOYL 2019,. I took as many pictures as i could wandering and chatting and doing some art to the fine collection of Ladies and gentlemen assembled at Foundry. The standard of game and variety was  to behold. From all over the globe we had many  talented people who came to be infused by the event, the foundry staff were as always top work and  a delight. Thanks to Diane , Maria,Alisa, Lucy and Harry  for there help and Sam for running the shop and helping all.  Wonderful day and  company, New friends and old and some from the distant past.
The pictures below are in no order just taken to what time I had, fantastic miniatures terrain, and games, after the game table are some pictures of some the people I had the honor to talk and meet.
Special thank to Bryan, Big Tony A , John B  who helped us with the painting comp,  Garth for just being himself , Amy and Phil, Paul  D  and  Dave W  and Mark S, your company along with the other  old hammers was  a delight, Thank you for a great time...