Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bolt Action Italian army & bits

 Well bolt action captured me and Alec so we now venture into the Desert i picked Italians and here is  the army so far bolt action minis and Perrys 
 Bersaglieri infantry


 2 great fantasy minis
 Apes from ainsty
LTD Infinity mini GOGO Marline

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Colonial Paddle steamer and Blacksmiths

 Well I had to buy this for my IHMN, Gaslight ,SOBH and all the skirmish games I play, Sarissa  Colonial Paddle steamer, what a great kit and finished model, took time to build but is worth every penny, the detail and how it looks and can be used in games is  so well thought out, removable  levels and roof makes it a joy also for storage because it is large. 
fantastic  a great item for any table and game setting and you can play a game on the steamer its that big.

 The wild west  blacksmiths to add to my large wild west collection again great kit and  finished  building.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sarissa Far East buildings and some painted bits

 Went to the Donnington world championships  convention and had my Sarissa precision fix this year i got  these wonderful Far East buildings for my Bolt Action and many of my other games, as before jusy brilliant work and  products . removable roofs and  perfect for gaming. 
I have a black smiths and  paddle steamer to make up still so pics will follow and the  buildings here will soon be in action.

 Infinity  CSU LTD miniature wonderful 
 2 of my best mate Drews  SDZA miniatures muties  just fantastic work and sculpts all round really  great 
Ironclad lady with a snipers rifle well i had to have her

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Infinity operation Icestorm painted

 Well I finished them  my Operation Icestorm from Infinity box set, Stunning miniatures and not sure my painting skills did them justice but love the whole  thing, great set with buildings and counters  all top quality as i now see from Infinity miniatures and products, above are the Nomads

 The Panoceana faction

 Hers some thing i had to get a cos-play ltd miniature  Neo Terra
just looks brilliant i have to say even with my paint jobs

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Great day today

What a fantastic day today we went on our yearly trip to the  world championships at Donnington, and had the honour to meet up with 2 of my best friends on the net Drew and Simon also Drews lovely wife Linda, very  happy day as i have know these people for along time and to meet in the fleash is well .. Brilliant..

Heres the gang me , Drew Simon and my real life best mate Alec, fantastic  ...

Friday, 3 October 2014

Dennis Mize LTD set Slave Auction

 Look what I got at long last Dennis Mize Slave Auction, wanted this along time for my collection, wonderful sculpts from one of my all time favourite sculptures, a fantasy set there's elves dwarfs and halflings, even one with 4 breasts?, the female guards are stunning and the over seer and auctioneer all great miniatures. i will use for my song of shadows and dust and many other fantasy games and what I play 
Got from iron wind paid no problem 25$ post and pack then found a nice card from the post office wanting £20 customs charge? great i paid 70£ for the items and 35£ to get it delivered?? not very impressed as I have only ever paid all the years and hundreds of packets from USA about 3 times any charge on anything..
So yes there limited and cost a fortune (but i had to have like us all)