Friday 23 February 2024

Cyberpunk Trama Team and others painted


Papsikels STLs of the Trama team from Cyberpunk 2077 found there way via our Russell to my table, fantastic miniatures, I am afraid my bad hands and eyes perhaps do not do them justice?, also some Slane recruits to my collection, and a project to make Tablet the Dwarf into my updated games..

Tuesday 6 February 2024

The Doomed, first game.

The Doomed a Apocalyptic Horror Hunting  skirmish game by Chris Mc Dowall. Got the book at the last partizan and enjoyed the whole idea, at last I got round to trying it out. You create a war band to engage a horror that enters this dimension and must be stopped.
Based on a ravaged world where the  remains of a company are left to fend for themselves, it is a solo/ co-operative game, war bands must destroy nexus points to have a least a hope of killing the terror, who mostly wanders the board and wants to stay.

I created a war band from the book , which is  easy to lay out and has many options from different Factions, mine was from the Exiles list, ending up with five miniatures.

The game uses random tables for the horror and the conflict for each scenario, masses of horrors and conflicts create a huge variable game, I got the Rot Herald horror and drop site conflict. 

Easy to set up on a 2x2 board with a lot of terrain, and the game starts, conditions are in the horror and conflict adding to the whole scenario fun.

The horror and one if its Minions was in the center of the board the war band dropped around the clearing, this was going to be bloody, the nexus were deployed in turn,

First turn the Horror took down  one member and in turn its minion was killed by the shooter, the blade attacked but was smashed back into the under growth, he was un-harmed, various  fire power did nothing the the Horror.

Second Turn  a nexus appeared and the horror dived on the   member beside it he was removed and a second war band  lost to the  ranged horror's attack , started to look bad? the  leader destroyed  the nexus beside him.
Third turn the stalker recovered and ran for the last nexus to appear drawing the horror after her, the blade struck at the  monster and was dispatched in a single blow, The leader shot and destroyed the  first nexus, and went to the aid of the scout. The horror closing in. 
Chased the stalker  lured the horror into the under growth, she meet her fate as the horror closed in the leader  shot again Destroying the last nexus enabling the horror to be damage, he charged and  faced the monster his blows did nothing, the monster fought back and felled the leader as he fell he  got a final last gasp result, blow against the  horror, it was destroyed and  sent back to where it came.  
Maybe got a few things wrong but the game was above all fun and fast, the horror makes a great threat, the combat to me works fine and results from being wounded are rely good, I enjoyed the flow of the game.

More to come I think, my vast collection can be plundered and some miniatures used for the first time in years....

Be Safe my friends.


Thursday 1 February 2024

Umbrella Academy Miniatures

The Umbrella Academy comic book and TV show are one of my favorite worlds, when Mantic games produced a board game with miniatures it was a must buy. great to paint, and will feature in my games.

Saturday 13 January 2024

New painted 2024 January

With my Man cave refurbish I had a few things to catch up painting after the holidays, all 3D prints from Russell and Twisted pinnacle, joys to paint and the detail is beyond my bad eyes and hands, but contrast paint and  waiting for the layer to dry makes it fun.
Unit 9
Unit 9
Unit 9
Skull forge
Big Mr Tong
Unit 9
Skull forge
Big Mr Tong


Thursday 11 January 2024

Doc Savage vs The Frankenstein Monster (Pulp Alley)

With my new man-cave its a lot easy to play games in, everything is easy accessible and set up. Pulp alley has always been a favorite of mine over the years, so I plan a series of games featuring some league and heroes I wanted to game with. I  treated my self to a hard back copy and the character card set from Sally 4th in the UK

I am a huge fan of the Doc Savage Pulp adventures in the leagues book is a printout of a league to use, so easy and I decided to  pit him again the Frankenstein monster again there is a sheet of the characters in the League book. So going down the game set up (lost keys Scenario) and laid out my game table.
The ruins of Castle Frankenstein with pit falls and perils to make it interesting, 4 plot points in crates and a major in the center of the table only accessed once you have a minor point. GW scenery and sorted solo cards and dice.

The Mad Victor Frankenstein has resurrected his monster and in the ruins of the castle seeks the components to enhance his creation, aided by Igor and the deadly Monster he scavenges the ruins, pit falls and creaking walls around, he sets about instructing his creation to destroy anyone who seeks to stop him in his search, with Igor on look out he clambers over the ruins. A distant sound of an Auto- gyro alerts him to invaders. 
Doc Savage the Man of Bronze is informed that Victor has escaped his jail cell, and deducts the mad man will hope to continue his devilish work. His  team of  Monk, long Tom, Ham and  Renny, race towards the ruins.

Doc and his crew
Victor the monster and Igor
The Monster prowls the ruins.
 He spots Ham and charges the poor fellow stands no chance against the un-dead creature he is  felled.
Victor finds a chest and opens it to reveal part of his quest.
Long tom spots Igor in the rafters and take careful aim and shots him down.
Monk stumbles and see'e Victor he charges but Victor dodges his blows.
An inhuman bust of speed and the Monster strikes toppling poor Monk in a swipe of deadly blows.
Doc finds a chest facing the ruins perils he makes for the center point hoping to stop Victor.
Victor is at the center and Renny who has also a plot point charges him Victor is merciless, and his pistol delivers a telling blow.
Doc appears and  grapples with Victor who is as slippery as they come, avoiding the bronze fists.
The monster  crashes through the ruin the body of Long tom in his grasp he drops the fallen man and grabs and grapples the man of Bronze
As the two giants fight Victor completes his quest along with the other items, he sneaks away.
A long struggle but the man of Bronze falls to the Mighty Monster, as he falls the ruins start to collapse the Monster  staggering away as Victor calls him to safety. as Victor and his creation look back the castle falls into the mountain is Doc Savage entombed his team destroyed ??, Victor triumphant  to do more evil????Stay tuned for the next installment..

Great fun game the  leagues were fun and it was not easy, the plot points and Solo cards made the game wonderful and even though Doc failed I enjoyed the whole thing. More to come I think!