Sunday, 19 March 2017

Stormcast Vangard, Slambo and Veridyan painted up

 After along time of no painting time or even  mojo to do any I bought a selection of the new GW pieces and here are the results I believe it has infused me. Painted using Foundry and GW paints using my wet pallet, it does make life easy!. the GW Adeptus Sororitas Canoness Veridyan, a must buy for me great miniature to my collection
 Well i had to buy this one a new cersion of the  Chaos Sambo miniature again enjoyed so much painting this  one.
 The Stormcast vanguard caught my eye and I must say the  plastics are of the very highest quality, great looking miniatures
 Gryph -hounds  from GW another must buy
 And the best till last these are perhaps the  best plastics i have ever seen the  pose and dynamics are  amazing Vanguard Palladors. a joy to paint up i hope i did them justice?

Sunday, 5 February 2017

More wet pallet Conan miniatures finished off

 Two more finished off thought I would share , yes the paint is still wet and very usable I think the Pallet is a huge time saver and enables simple blending.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Using a wet pallet to paint my Conan miniatures

 I was shown and then pursued the  advantages of a wet pallet for my miniature painting. i have been painting miniatures since I was 12 , so very old dog new trick?. I purchased a wet pallet tray. deciding to paint the miniatures from my Conan game I laid out my paints and brushes and slowly  took the path.
 Reading wand watching some of the fantastic videos on the net i cleaned and sprayed the one 's I wanted to paint first.
 A base white  and prepared the tray for the wet palette , I found more water than expected was required learning as one goes
 I put on basic colours and  ensured all were covered in at least a coat, the pallet does make the the paint more loose and this  was pleasing as I could return to the pallet to touch up or  do a part missing with the paint still wet.
 I then  used 2 washes one  Reckland flesh on the skin then Nulm oil on the clothing ad weapons, allowing it to dry completely.
 I decided to paint the Conan first once dry, using the wet pallet I built up  perhaps only 3 layers of thin paint on the skin to get the effect, the pallet again providing an ease of mixing the 2 colours used  kislev flesh being the high light,
 I then worked on the  fur and leather armour and steel slowly picking out  areas and  built up  what i desired

 I like a  vibrant highlight on my miniatures as most  know, so after  letting it dry I returned and  edged some parts and lines to make it stand out the eyes i only dark brown lines.
 high lighted  the  gold and fur to the highest   to ensure they stood out content I then  as always gave the flesh a very thing wash of Seraphim sepia to bnd the whole skin
 Finishing the base off so far (I am undecided on what  end result of the bases will be!)

A final pic i highlighted the skin  a bit and  thought id add the picture

Ian so far impressed by the end result not professional standard but my gaming    miniature collection

The pallet views so far, I find it is easier to work once you have colours on the pallet and  yes they varnish some times but easy to replace . the  thinning of the paint is  a good thing and  being able to return  very  good and saves time. the  over all thought I will use this  and hopefully get  a more easy painting time. I would suggest at least to any painter  to give it a try. I have always used  layers and  perhaps  block paint to my miniatures , this gives a flow and I would say saves  on opening bottles and lids and paint in general.

As always my views only not  wrote in stone. I will post pics of the rest when finished. thanks for looking at my blog as  always .
be safe

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Conan game playtests

 Decided to play test my new game and on reading and watching videos  I laid it out, and got into it!
 The first scenarios is to rescue a princess from a Pict village I played this 3 times and  won the last the other I ran out of time , after game turns I  found the game play very easy and the combat has to be exact , the use of gems is so important and you do run out fast. Scenario one is not easy.
 Dice rolls like this when you can leve makes short work of  enemies.
 That sorts out enemies also (holy hand grenade of Antioch?)

 The last game Conan just cut a path through the mage  character Hadrathus is very powerful on the heroes side.

 Second Scenario is a trap to kill Belit on her ship the Tigress, is actually very well thought our involving jumping from one ship to another,. Monolith published the revised rules in English so after a read through I set about again in the days of high adventure.
 The players screens are  as all  excellent quality
 Conan and his  friend Shevatas made short work of the pirates
 the hand grenade again made great use
  The pirate captain lasted a bit longer but Conan sent him to Crom, the allocation of  gems makes you think about a killing blow and  the dice some times don't roll but it is  a great system 
The Evil mage even transforming into a demon  made no use as  Belit was saved

Conclusion: Very enjoyable game loads of ideas and the game play work  for me, I have been a Huge Conan fan since the 60s so I have  scenarios in my head and other ideas for this game . If you are a Conan fan and gamer then this  is a must. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Zombiecide game and Conan game at last

 I wanted to play Zombiecide black plague for a ling time and   purchased it before xmas my son s getting me expansions, me and Alec have so far  enjoyed every game . very entertaining and  we plan to  move up to the next levels. I recommend this  the quality is outstanding

Today at last I got another game i have wanted for a time I ordered  one of Ebay only to like 12 others be  shafted by a fraudster, Paypal and Ebay refunded me and I today received a copy of the deluxe version from Crazycat games, it is huge and weighs a ton. So all ends well, more on this and  Zombiecide soon.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Me Drawing at Crisis Antwerp Nov 2016

Had a wonderful surprise today Maria at Foundry sent me  a video of me Drawing Alex at Crisis .

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Box wars part 1 (Dragon Rampant )

 As many know I have a vast collection of miniatures and  wanted for a long time to use  at least some that have never seen the table top. I have a huge Heroclix collection and  file boxes full so ..
Time is with me I  looked over the wonderful Dragon rampart and made up 2 forces from my Heroclix and  Shadowking  file boxes. basic fight scenario on a 3X3
 Shadowkings(Elite foot) force himself, Ro-man (Greater war beast) Deadend (light shooters), Flashman(bellicose foot) and Sir Alec (heavy missiles)
 The Heroclix, Bats (elite foot), Omac, (Elite foot),, Red hood (Light foot/ shoot), She hulk, and Black Swan (Bellacose) 
 The Clix easy move on the table
 Sir Alecls group find there targets in the ruins
 Flashes  gang run to engage
 "Fire at will" (why is it always poor Will) Alecs group spots she hulks group and fires
 3 of she hulks gang are felled she rolls courage and this happens
 Red hood tries to avenge and fails a shoot roll
 Flashman charges in
 he defeats the Red hood who after retreating fails miserabley his courage roll joining She hulk
 Black Swans  group must charge the might Ro-mans gang
 they force them back slaying one of the monsters
 Bats must act and he  charges into Flashman
 Wiping him out
 Black Swan again attacks her group shoving Ro-man back again

 Bats attempts to finish Ro-man but fails and is  himself threw back
 Wolff makes his move battering the  Batman
 he fails and is removed
 Dead end fires at Omac's gang reducing them with very lucky shots
 he falls back retreating and  fails again
Ro-man chases off the  last band, victory to the Shadowking. 

Very  enjoyable little book keeping and it  was what i needed fun. more mad games to come.