Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Blight kings, Blood Warriors and a Battle

 Well I never actually ever saw these before I played AOS , and there probably one of the best kits I have ever seen from GW, huge menacing and totoaly Nurgle, fantastic models  I recommend

 I also got reinforcements for my AOS Khorne army in this unit of Blood warriors excellent miniatures

 Me and Alec  had a game on Monday  we both decided to uses no AOS miniatures from the box set and just  pick a force and play as per rules and war scrolls. Alec brought a very old Empire General I made long ago and a OOP giant I supplied the Empire troops of  handgunners, bowmen, Halberds and some Milita.
I picked some dark elf's backed up by waywatchers and wardances along with a Medusa. we followed the set up and  set to it! It was loads of sun and enjoyment we both never used any of the warscolls and found it easy to get along and  a tip (if your new to an army every time you use a unit or whatever , just  look at the warscoll each time , it does  help and you actually memorise the hits and wounds, also you don't forget certain skills and adds).
The empire won but it was a blood  battle after we both said it was  a great enjoyable  system that for us works great.
here is some pictures of the battle...

Saturday, 29 August 2015

New Art on my Manga Studio

 I have been a user and artist on Photoshop for a great number of years , I have a wacom tablet that I can directly draw onto the scree. always seeking to improve I many years ago got the manga studio program but found it would not work on my tablet, so back to photoshop.
as of late i looked and saw many infarct hundreds of art pieces  done on the mange studio so I downloaded the free demo version 4 and installed. to my surprise my tablet worked, after testing and reading, and watching the fantastic  clips on the program I purchased a hard copy. the results you see now ?
I think it solves a lot of my problems i had and now I see comic strips and photo stores easy to make.
these are tests and fun work and as normal I would never offend anyone but if i do I apologise and please don't look!
the above  is for the ERB AAA face book group, of which im proud to be part off
 A reworked piece for long ago of the Dead & Alive series I did
 Another D&A piece reworked
 A reworked of one of my favourite D&A series
A Warlord of Mars

Saturday, 22 August 2015

New blood, Ragnar Lothbrok and Marvel ladies

 Had a great days gaming on Wednesday my mare Alec  came over and played AOS, very enjoyable , then Russell and Brady came for a game  later that day.  Great  day
 Ok had to buy him wonderful miniature by Vinnis , painted with scale 75 and Foundry hands getting really bad now
 Shield is LBM  

 A Reaper miniature i wanted for Beilt but  she turned out as a good Valerria insted

And Heroclix fix this month was  a repaint of Mayday, Contessa Valentina, and man killer awesome miniatures...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Heroes miniature, Colony 87, Nights Watch and more painted up

 Well i made this back in 1980s  and  never actually had a metal one, my good friend Dave Wood sent me a spare, so painted and  in safe place now 

I Saw these wonderful miniatures at Oldhammer in the painting comp, and asked there Colony 87 from  Jon Boyce, after contacting him I now have these  splendid things in my collection, not to his painting standard but i really like them.

 More  Nights watch for my fantasy games will also make great Frostgrave henchmen, all plastic converts 
 Wargames foundry Terror birds fantastic  a must have for  games

 White apes also Wargames foundry great

 Frost grave Summoner set  great miniatures to paint
 Two more frost grave elementalists 
 My Games workshop Baleful Realm  gates painted up

Some very old  Citadel minis