Wednesday, 20 July 2016

AOS Tree- Revenants and Murder of Crowz

 The new AOS Sylvaneth army caught my attention, wonderful new ideas and  inspiration to games, I bought 2 boxes of the Tree Revenants making a unit of 10 very nice  plastics who have  a unique look and style. Again watching the painting video  I set about  trying to make them look how I wanted, here is the result I wil perhaps add some  more base foliage when I go t a convention and see what I like. I will add to this army as we enjoy AOS very much/

 Been looking at this set from Zombicide for quite a time to add some wild life to my games, a fellow blogger Dalauppror showed his  collection and i had to buy.  Crows are one of my favourite birds, the Murder of Crowz set has 15 bases of  models  and yes its a flock, I found painting them  easy the plastic is not like anything I have encountered before. Expect then to appear in many of my games Blood eagle to name a few. Very impressed by  Zombiecide and will shove me to buying Black Plauge when the funds allow.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Imperial Knight painted and others

 My Russell my son and his family bought me the Renegades  imperial knight  set from GW for my birthday, I decided to take my time and enjoy the kit slowly constructing then painting it to my pleasure. I watched the wonderful on line videos from GW on how to paint it. Inspired i set about  clearing my desk, it took maybe 4 hours to construct and I  did not stick it all  in one, but left the  under skeleton to paint then add the armour when finished.. After painting the metal Skeleton slowly with washes and then high lights I set about the plates, very slowly painting to my  idea of what I wanted a Mechanicus Alled Knight for my Sons of Hourus army in 30k. I would lay the painting our to probably another 5 hours at least. then the base was set and terrain  to fit the rest of my army. I found the transfer sheet for the decals was not the one in the single sets and  I called GW to ask if the bigger set was available, the nice lady said she had on in the office and sent it me free of charge as they realised people liked the bigger set. What can i say back to real service from GW witch was a surprise if a nice one!, I looked for what I wanted the decals to  be in place and slowly added them on top of a gloss varnish then sealed with a silk. the paints were GW and Foundry on all parts.
I finished it off touching up  small bits I noticed.I would say on time  taken perhaps 12 hours + .

I am delighted with the end result and  what a great kit and  model to use in any game. (another one is yet to be  built and again I wish to take my time  and enjoy the kit)

 Partizan buy  Perry Cape wars command, loads of character
 Another set of superb miniatures from Andrew Taylor s Antediluvian range
 Critters from Andrew also
2 more silver tower characters finished off .

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Silver Tower and others painted up

 My eldest son Steven gave me the new GW Silver tower as a Birthday gift, so here are the first  miniatures painted up, there perhaps the best detail i have ever seen on a plastic miniature and are amazing to  fit  and glue. Also painted are some rouge miniatures and a Darksword lady that I had to buy.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Jungle girls art of mine

 I have  been on my manga studio working with new pens and ideas and  here are a few of my pieces, I thought I would share

Saturday, 4 June 2016

New painted June

 Well I finished off some purchases from the Partizan show at Newark last month abouve are some wonderful miniatures from the Dice bag lady just great miniatures
 These are fighting fungi from Gesha games range, a must for me to get great characterful ministures
 More fighting fungi so original miniatures to add to my collection
 Crooked dice plastons were on my list and will feature in a game i have in my head, solid great miniatures
 A GW Dune crawler for my 30k army's, very impressive piece

 Nore Crooked dice i belive not shown on my blog Freedom fighters great  miniatures to paint
 Federation bad guys again from Crooked dice
This is a free ltd Druze hacker from the infinity worlds free with the human sphere book
Lastly  a Kastalan robot battle squad, I just love the miniatures and were a joy to paint