Saturday, 19 May 2012

Triples 2012

Had a good day at Triples convention at Sheffield, GoT all I had on
my list, my Gaslight Brits and madhst (perrys), my FOW blood
and guts germans 2 boxes of panthers and 6 Drill 1/2 tracks, and a porche
king tiger (plastic soilder and skytrex), manga school girls with guns and some nice
fantasy types (fighting 15s), some great trees for my FOW, great gaslight
miniatures ( iron clad, westwind and mutineer) , army painter washes and some foundry paint palletts. (stafford and cavailer)

Did not take any pics of the show, it was well attended and had enough good space some nice games on display the Jack the Ripper looked the best, enjoyed the show and the meet of people who i know, Andy form anisty supplied me with my weapon of mass destruction(wonderful resin piece)


  1. Wow, wish I where you... A lot of suberb stuff you got there mate!
    Good luck on bringing them alive!

  2. Indeed and such a large one as well!