Monday, 4 June 2012

Apes, School Girls, FOW, Yakuza,& Gaslight characters

Finished of some more miniatures, The 2 abouve are copplestones
the one on the left has a new CD head, these are for my Gaslight

Shadowforge had to have them, you dont need to ask why

New CD time lift commander, Im using as Captain

West wind EOTD Ape man character, hes in my

Wanted these for ages Obelisk Miniatures Apes superb minitaures

I found these at Triples on my old mate Trevor Dixons stand
Yakuza females

Eurika from fighting 15s again had to have them

Finishes off my huge Cossack FOW units

My 24" x36" skirmish board anevilgiraffe at the CD forums
showed me his idea and its just what i need for my smaller


  1. They are all nice mate. The Dixon Yakuza I really like I have two of the thug sets myself painted one lot the rest are undercoated awaiting basing.

  2. School girls with guns... No use for them, but now I've seen them I think an order is very likely. Thanks for showing :)

  3. Oh, man. Gorilla with a bowler. Big win.

  4. Looking great so far. I think I could use a gang of school girls as well.