Monday, 22 October 2012

GOR Panthers and the Ghost who walks

Another  section of my Gor miniatures done I got these from Fighting 15s at Derby, Shadowforge tribals perfect for the Panthers in GOR.
Really enjoyed painteing them tried a new skin  type and  layer effect...
The Ghost  who walks Avolack Castings, great mini to add to my pulp/Gaslight

Panthergirls are the fabled panther girls of many of the Gorean forests, such bands being comprised of
wildwomen of the forest, former Gor FreeWomen, and runaway female slaves, who have fled from male Gorean society and taken up residence amidst the primitive camps of the dark forbidding hidden
unexplored woodlands. Many sightings have occurred; however; some still consider it a myth. These
panther girls are strong, physically and mentally, and fierce fighters when encountered.

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  1. Superb lots of scantily clad chicks. I used to love the Phantom cartoons as a kid.