Friday, 8 February 2013

New Pathfinder & old minis

 Recived some more Pathfinder reaper miniatures and other bits, love the mimis wish my painitng could do then some justice, also re-based soem old fantasy minis again to add to my collection.
Abouve is the Sorceress /Witch Faiya and her familiar conpanion
 Sajan and the cleric Alahazra
 The wizard Ezren and the pirate Isabella Locke
 Druid Lini and her conpanion Droogami
 Seltyel the fighter/evoker/knight
 Just had to have this miniature lovley work
 Some Games workshop Tomb kings character isaved will be great for my CROM games
 Crocodile games big lad
 Confrontation huge leader Ogre/Orc
 2 more tomb Kings
 Confrontation minotaur
These 2 are some of my favorite minis had them along time the ape man is a Ral Partha I think, the deamon is a Dr who miniature which is full of character

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