Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Lord of light VS Oshim Deamons from hell IHMN AAR

Ok this is a mad game yes with odd miniatures my mate has wanted to use there for a bit now so today we had a go, the Lords of light on a strange Adventure facing the Oshim Deamons from hell
 The lords of light with Dr Bo-bo (his stats and 2 others soon on the blog)
 Oshim Deamons from hell (based on the Sons of the desert list from HVF)
 Secnario was Nil point so the Oshim Deamons from hell took there places
 ugly  deamon guises for abominations who warp small orphans  minds
 the leader Asud
 The lords of light take there places 5 rounds rapid
 Dr Bo-bo take the left flank
 Achosen scout shoots down a warrior 
 a mighty devil charge  Miss Una who faces him blade drawn
 Wolff and the chosen fire inot the  ruins
 Imana  and an Emir try to revive the  fallen warrior
 a hapless warrior  is under fire
 Miss Una  KOs the devil 
 Dr Thanos revives a fallen chosrn scout
 the Oshim Deamons from hell is raised but  bullets fly again from the chsoen in sposition to do alot of harm to the Oshim Deamons from hell
 The Weasel engage a hollow guard and one falls but they tear inot the  monster

 Teh devilish creature rises but this time Miss Unas  blade  sends the foul creature back to the pits of madness
 a  Oshim Deamons from hell  warrior is  dropped by a chosen again there marksmanship making them worth there  wages
 Wolff  battles  the Emir his skills destroying the foul  creature
 the  hollow guard thinking the  weasels felled is back jumped by a  rising  brave critter

  Oshim Deamons from hell Imanal is felled as the lords of light charge the  ruins

 Dr Bo-bo is taken out by the Asad of the  Oshim Deamons from hell 
 he charges into the figth as Miss Una and Wolff are to finish off the last of the Imana

 The  Asad of the  Oshim Deamons from hell  is no match for Wolff

 The last   Oshim Deamons from hell  a hollow guard is surrounded and is delivered back to the plans of madness
 Victory to the  Lords of light this day as another tale of darkness is told on the sand.

Hes totally insane game but proved  what we say its ment to be fun and hell it was a blast , realy enjoyed it all, and  the points and  game is a brilliant  entertainment