Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sarissa Far East buildings and some painted bits

 Went to the Donnington world championships  convention and had my Sarissa precision fix this year i got  these wonderful Far East buildings for my Bolt Action and many of my other games, as before jusy brilliant work and  products . removable roofs and  perfect for gaming. 
I have a black smiths and  paddle steamer to make up still so pics will follow and the  buildings here will soon be in action.

 Infinity  CSU LTD miniature wonderful 
 2 of my best mate Drews  SDZA miniatures muties  just fantastic work and sculpts all round really  great 
Ironclad lady with a snipers rifle well i had to have her


  1. Nice buildings! They'll be useful for more than one period too.

  2. Love these buildings, excellent job!

  3. That is a great collection of miniatures, love the muties and I need to get the Ironclad woman for my games.