Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mars Attacks, Infinity. Danger 5 and Assassin

 More Mars Attacks characters I have to say they paint up really good
 love spider a gift from a friend
 burning cows and  civilians what more can you ask for
 beautiful Darksword miniature to add to my elite collection  wanted this from first sight
 Crooked dice Danger 5 set well i had to buy them  Hitler and his dog will feature in my games  soon
Start of my Aleph Infinity group delicate stunning minis  a joy to paint


  1. Great looking selection of models there. I meant to pick up the Danger 5 set on saturday, but forgot in the mad rush to find the Perry WotR kits that I wanted. Doh!

  2. Great stuff! Saw your post on TMP. I'm coming along with you on your modeling-gaming pilgrimage.

  3. Love the Danger 5 and Infinity miniatures.

  4. Great minis mate. Love the Danger 5 figures. I'm slowly crumbling the resolve to pick them up!

  5. Staggering production rate as ever, great stuff :)