Sunday, 28 June 2015

Akhenaton and the Devil at Noon (IHMN AAR)

 Well we returned to  the game of IHMN, as  me and Alec do like a good fight, Alec brought his  Akhenaton company out for a time and i wanted to use my  dead mans hand bushwhackers so it was western town lay out and  fight to the death both side  intending to wipe each other out over perhaps who was the most evil  guy alive
 My town layout added with bystanders and a few animals for collateral damage

 and the lady in the bath

 the dreaded Burns gang Arthur, Charly and his mob of dark vile  villans
 Akhenaton, Sairah the grudging mummy and alot of cultists, he intends to over power the  rivals
 Arthur send out his men to encircle the   cult and shoot them down like the dogs they are
 right flank 2 desperado's
 Akhenaton slowly moves forward in cover his men in his wake
 declines and offer from Trixie, "later my dear if your still alive"
 Arthur sets his trap of  rifles 
 the cult moves on  looking for enemy's
 Sairah moving like the wind engages a gang men
 Charley and Jacko take up places to cross fire the cultists

 a short gun fight and the bodies start to fall
 Akhenaton joins Sairah but is felled by the  gang man (roll 2 your out)
 Sairah dispatches the man in seconds for his  act
 using the alleyways they pres on to out number the  villains
 Jacko shoots down like  fish in a barrel
 cultist fall from the murderous gunfire
 Charley and Queen move in to finish off any left
 Sairah waits in hiding to strike as Akhenaton rises back into play
 blades and pistols  a savage fight  begins

 Arthur after a struggle shoots down the mummy
 Saiah kills Queenie 
 A cultist  tries to make out with some show girls
 the mummy rises to Arthur dismay as he  drops a charging cultist
 this time he make no  play and blows it heads off "rise up now you un-dead  bast**d"
 Sairah cuts down Charley and Akhenaton delivers the killing blow

 Arthur charges but  is no match for the master of evil he is killed by the  mystical blade, then 
 Two bob shoots  him down , 

  as Jacko advances Sairah charges him and slices down the  marksman
 she jumps and  delivers the final  as he master rises again 
 Two bob is  no match for her deadly blades
last 2 standing victory to   Akhenaton , close run thing loads of fun as always a joy to use them again...(no animals or girls were harmed in this game, 22 killed all told)


  1. Poor old Trixie. Akhenaton and Sairah...a fearsome team! Great stuff as always!

  2. Great read! I love the look on the pigs face!

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  4. Great read! I love the look on the pigs face!