Saturday, 1 August 2015

BOYL. 2015 Oldhammer day Newark

 Well what a superb day me and Alec had today at the BOYL Oldhammer day and Foundry miniatures at Stoke hall, as always we were greeted with the friendliness and  great company of the Ansells  and co, the Oldhammer  guys were arriving and it was wonderful to meet up with such a great crowd of individuals who collectively are one of the nicest  set of gamers and player i have ever had the pleasure to meet.
 I took as many pictures as I could on requests from my friends who could not attend, the huge navel game was inspiring and  a set piece of modelling and miniatures to view for quite along time and still miss and have to return to spot something else on the sea battle and port game, it ran all day with many players  having a great time

 The port was a model makers dream  to view with loads of buildings and miniatures

 One of the guests of honor the great Tony Ackland I have known him for many years and he set up with a vast collection of his wonderful art and  knowledge from the past   times.
 I took a very old Asgard  Dino he made  back in 1978  was going was  worth it just to have this picture.
 Some of the Foundry collection of painted miniatures on display I had to take and show

 the new display cases at the Foundry holding a massive collection I recommend anyone to go see this display alone, amidst the  huge  miniatures range  to buy and view.
 James Mc death game was  just amaxing to see 
 superb collection and paint work

 Me with the man himself  very great to talk again to him
 More of the other tables around the  factory all attended with eager gamers and players, perhaps the biggest collected  old hammer miniatures in one place

 More tables of frantic battles and dice rolling

 A hero quest in action

 large Necromunda game that ran all day amazing miniatures on display and gamed with.

 more of the sea battle I had to show

 this was  just awesome to see in the flesh
 Garth ran this Oldhammer game  on the table were stunning collections

 Large 40k game again with miniatures  I think are outstanding in any collection

 Bryan spent a long time talking and interacting with all
 special mention now to Kevin Adams he  came along and showed a huge amount of new greens off then offered to put green stuff heads on metal miniatures for a charity, well he was at it all day, picture below.
 The days painting competition some outstanding work and miniatures as is the norm of  people of the Oldhammer standard fantastic.

 Blood bowl was played outside  to great joy and fun
 Rick Priestly came around  c for a chat and  great again to see him
 more blood bowl Chico in game mode 
 James  playing his game
 Back to Kevin he has recovered from his injury s and operation to correct the damage and said he was  in good spirits , his dedication to sculpting at his peak I believe
 Look at this  the best picture perhaps Kevin sculpted James  children's head on 2 green skins on hoppers how stunning I think he raised over 150£ for his charity perhaps more  on the many heads he  worked on today. 

 More huge battle Dwarfs and  Chaos  great stuff
 the rouge trader I had to take few pictures of  detail and  workmanship was  just amazing

 Well sheep and its Oldhammer  game  how  wonderful

 Me and Garth who made us so welcome and a great  guy to chat with
 more of the ships, well the eye candy was on offer for gamers

 I filed in a "draw your own" chaos warrior for his collected  citadel  journals amongst chatting and  drawing pictures for the collected who wanted a piece of art also gave away many  scans of my work to  those who wanted . 
 Me and Alec have to thank  a few people for a splendid day in great company  again Diane, Bryan and Marcus Ansell and family, Martin at Foundry and the staff and caterers, who feed and supplied all we needed. James, Paul , Garth, Steve C, Steve and Chico and so many others I forget there names of the Oldhammer collective. 

                                                                 Thank you so much.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the pictures - I was miffed to miss it this year :(

  2. Great pictures mate and the sketch you did is still my highlight of the day

  3. I am popping in tomorrow morning for a mooch around. Will be setting out at 7am to get there but the photos make it look like it will be worth the hike.

  4. Thank you so much I've know about the Oldhammer movement for some time but never seen one of their events. McDeath brings me back a few (well a long number) of years.

  5. Awesome pics mate. I'll have to try and come along some time.

  6. Great to see you and Alec again and many thanks for my fantastic Hobgoblin illustration - a fine memento for such a great weekend!

    Shame you weren't back today to see my Time Bandits inspired ship in action on the Warhammer Ahoy table ; )

  7. Absolutely fantastic, and thank you so much for filling in my Chaos Warrior! I'm certain it would have won the competition if only the closing date hadn't passed! :)