Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Frostgrave game and a big Barbarian

 Finished off this Reaper miniatures Barbarian , I  have a selection of the scale 75 paints and thought  i would  paint him just using them for a change? big lad and  great miniature.
 We did a frostgrave today  and i also finished off the treasure tokens you got free with the Nickstarter so all was set, we  spent time getting the wizard party's  compiled , and laid out a table on my 3x3 , we rolled "The Mausoleum" as the scenario, so lots of undead.

 My side was Elementalist, apprentice,  2 archers a barbarian, treasure hunter and a Theif
 Alec used his IHMN bad guy a man at arms 2 archers and 2 infantry and some thugs 
 slow progress onto the board I believe  positions are so important and who is where as we later found.
 trying to flank is not easy
 do you rush the  treasure in the central building or not?
 Alec summoned and imp so a terror bear appeared
 the undead attack and  it was relentless

 Alec;s apprentice gets tied up with the undead.
 my treasure hunter is swamped by cultists
 more undead  keep coming form below
 I decided grab and run
 combat take  all over and is actually great fun as we opposed the rolls for the undead and it does keep the game rolling fast
 as we grab and run under arrows and undead a wandering monster arrives on my side as my barbarian makes for the exit a bloody snow leopard as he engages the beast an arrow thuds in to his back , thank you 20 on a dice roll!
 we backed off fast
 Alec's team under attack till the end
End we did a  total and Alec won on experience points, he enjoyed it alot he said to me, there is  a great deal of thought inot the game play and  how and when you move and fight with who. 
we did a few things wrong on reading and  finding  out later but overall a fun game  with  intense play.

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  1. Great stuff! And I love that stonking great barbarian! Yeah...lots of tactical considerations but it flows really nicely and feels full of action...also pretty brutal which I like!