Thursday, 8 October 2015

Reaper Bones, LAF miniatures and a Mat

 Got these from the  Donnington convention Reaper bones wonderful miniatures also 2 LAF female militia 
 great piece will be used for all sorts of games even as just a terrain piece.
 A great barbarian i painted to add to my frostfgrave/brass legion army
 Armoured knight another for my  frostgrave/brass legion
 A must to buy a great barbarian 
 these 2 ladies I saw and  instantly wanted for my games perfect for all 
 the cigar mat  laid out, very impressed, as i said it wil do for many of all my games


  1. Very nice. I can see (perhaps wishful thinking) a renaissance of youngsters buying Reaper Bones figures and starting to role play again. It would be good if they were stocked in local model and hobby shops.

  2. Very nice job on all those figures, I particularly like the aged armor look on the armored knight with sword and shield, and the seated figure. Would you mind sharing how you got that look? Thanks!

  3. painted it foundry dark brass then washed with a black wash let it dry returned with the medium brass barrel and dusted the highlights, let that dry then with a dry brush just dusted with highlight brass and a little silver highlight later, I find metal works good gold and brass always finish with a little silver highlight makes it look worn an does enhance the look. thank you as always for the comments.

  4. Great thanks for the tip, I will give that a try - hard to find Foundry paints here so I will try to find a close alternative. I really like your painting style!