Saturday, 12 December 2015

Infinity Ariadna, nomads and some buildings

 Started my Ariadna collection for my Infinity games this week and thought I would share here is the main man  Rodger Van Zant  wonderful miniature loads of character and style , really enjoyed paining him
 A Hardcase from the  Ariadna  army again just a brilliant miniature 
 The start along with some grunts i painted up and finished lots more to do but Iam so happy with the army.
 And this one I wanted for ages Nomads Carlota Howalisky and Moriorty , unfortunately the head on the  Corlota was  just not detailed enough and once painted was lost completely , I did a head swap and hope I still captured the  miniature?
And these 4 Ground buildings wanted them for along time for our games and , started building them What can i say but there amazing work, strong and  look great, 4 more to finish and some walls , I would recommend them the price is worth it