Friday, 11 March 2016

New painted for March collection

 Had a few pictures and today finished off the latest batch of my painting so thought i would share the collected pictures! above is the Flashman miniature from Wargames illustrated range, a must for me and a great piece 
 This is a convert taken from the Infinity dire foes sets, beautiful miniature, i used a Wargames factory pistol arm  and she turned out  great
 A Raging heroes female  amazing work on these miniatures.
 4 mad scots men for my Infinity Ariadna  force great characters
 A crooked dice agent perhaps the best mini ever from them?, and a pulp masked lady , always a joy to paint  (Phantom lady?)
 Crooked dice again  great miniature and amust for the new Dept X cast
 2 miniatures which were a must for me again Crooked dice excellent miniatures
 Pulp masked heroes a real must for my collection
 Studio miniatures  survivor with Sword, no guessing who? but a great miniature
 Dire wolf from frostgrave sets
 Now some thing of mine sculpted work of mine, this is one I had in my head a long time, i like how hes turned out?

 another one in my head for a time I sculpted , eyes and hands not what they were

 A Queen of the  Black coast? one I will use and have in my games , inspired by the great John Buscema, who's images   made me want to make and draw  stuff.

 One miniature i made because its in my far off past all i wil say is  a green bird from a certain cartoon from my childhood

 And finally this one an alien  inspired from the  giant monster movies from  Japan and in some of my art  .