Sunday, 17 April 2016

Tony and Alec's big day at Salute 2016

 I had a call from Diane who asked if me and Alec would like to go and help out at Salute2016, well cannot refuse  Diane, and a day at the convention , so "YES" instantly was the answer, we  arrived Friday night time / afternoon after the long trip from Newark. The building I have never been to  is massive. 
 The superb hotel  where we would stay over night very impressive very professional.
 Early Saturday we  started to set up the stands one for foundry one for Warmonger
 Alec and i doing as  needed to set up the blisters and  bits and bobs, quite a huge task actually but we had 11 people in the  group. all working very hard to ensure it was done for opening.

 The building inside is   just huge place. and seemed  around us no one else was setting things up display games and some stands even ?
Lucy with Alec a  wonderful  pearson who is  great fun and pleasure to be around
 could not resist a picture of me with her. the steel box was full of pre orders and full to the lid.
 Studio Tomahawk joined us to disply there new Congo game looked s like a big hit  they had a great disply with some  fantastic painted foundry miniatures, very nice people to chat with

 Fantastic painted  collection
 A scratch built  paddle boat I think was great

 Diane and Marcus below the  massive banne
 the Warmonger stall Maria,Clara  and the citadel collector Steve manned this 
 These  young ladies are  powerhouses and again a joy to be around, also one is a kick boxer so me and Alec were quite safe !
2 of the many Oldhammers  came to  see us and  great company they all were we had a  good talk about all things  Oldhammer. Names to many  if I missed forgive me James Paul Richard to name a few of the esteemed gentlemen. Pete Armstrong  gave me a wooden Oldhammer badge for my collection. and  his words about my face book  painting page were inspiring and made me smile>
Another  one who I was so pleased to see again the legend that is Dave Wood, he gave me a bag of his latest creations, and  his company is  splendid.
 The Boss who never stops ever  even sat down she is doing some thing!
 the hall filled quickly many many people I heard about 6K and more came to the convention
 I had little time to take pictures of the hundreds of games and displays and traders but I had to show these a gigantic fantsy battle
 and a 30k Heresy game with  just hundreds of models so impressed.

 Phil and his lovely wife who are good friends and  also Oldammers who thanked me for my art I did for them. good people.
 Had the joy to meet  Craig again who was running his displays for Blood Eagle,  Dashio and a taste of Gothic and  eventually meet Charles  the co author, there displays were  very very well done and  Craig told me they had a fantastic response to there  games.  
 the Blood Eagle board, i had alok at the plastic longship and yes its a must now!
the Gothic board some how i lost the pic of the Dashio ?
 The man himself Steve the best caster in the world i believe! he was busy all day and his humour is very infectious even to me
 Some of the assembled staff  the one on the far right is Dean who is worth 3 men alone
(Darren is missing  I thought he was there?)
 packing up took a time but we handled is efficiently and  had a safe journey home 
My haul I believe I bought everything I planned I spoke to Richard from Other world and got the new Orcus and the hell maiden and hyenas  I been waiting for, At last managed to meet Graham from Crooked dice along with Karl and was pleased hear the next CD cards coming out info. Gripping beast new Late Romans were a must and some shield transfers, Element games were there in strength and  had  a talk to the boss, the  Hassle free bald sorceress I pursued for a time.  Me and Alec got signed copys of the new Black powder supplement book looks very nice and the Author James  talked for a time about  the rules and how we played. I talked for a time with the Agema  people who were fascinating to  talk to and  totally different ideas, there  fantastic artists and  sculptors.

The show is huge massive and lots and lots of people and I saw about 60% of things I would say it is the biggest and  gamers  would be hard not to  be happy when leaving. every type of miniature  building game  paint was there and more i have never even seen before myself. 

I have to thank Diane and Marcus and the foundry gang for there company and time spent with them very enjoyable


  1. Sounds like you had a brilliant time! Some great looking tables! Blood Eagle seems to have done really glad! And you came away with some lovely loot!

  2. A great review of the show thanks. Nice to see a picture of Dave Wood! We've corresponded many times, but I had no idea of what he looked like!

  3. Worst pic of me ever !!! Great to meet up and a fun day had.

  4. Nice to see you had a great time.

  5. Thank you for this write-up. It's like I was there. Great pics as well.

  6. Looks like you certainly earned your keep! Must get down to this some day.

  7. Some great photos, thanks for sharing them.

  8. I sadly didn't make it to the Foundry stand this year. Wish I had now!

  9. Somme great behind the scenes picture, there. it's so nice to see a big foundry stand again after all those years of not being at Salute.