Saturday, 4 June 2016

New painted June

 Well I finished off some purchases from the Partizan show at Newark last month abouve are some wonderful miniatures from the Dice bag lady just great miniatures
 These are fighting fungi from Gesha games range, a must for me to get great characterful ministures
 More fighting fungi so original miniatures to add to my collection
 Crooked dice plastons were on my list and will feature in a game i have in my head, solid great miniatures
 A GW Dune crawler for my 30k army's, very impressive piece

 Nore Crooked dice i belive not shown on my blog Freedom fighters great  miniatures to paint
 Federation bad guys again from Crooked dice
This is a free ltd Druze hacker from the infinity worlds free with the human sphere book
Lastly  a Kastalan robot battle squad, I just love the miniatures and were a joy to paint


  1. What a great interesting mix of miniatures. Nicely painted too.

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