Sunday, 7 August 2016

Oldhammer BOYL 2016 day 3

Last day of the event and I made a short visit to the assembled, a bit quieter but still some fantastic games and great company, I wandered and took  the pictures below.

 Big Tony A and Lawrence and friend  of Partizan fame nice to see again

 Steve and Paul playing the old GW space ship combat game
 Estemed members gaming old school WFB

 More rouge Trader

 Darren demonstrating the new Congo game using part of my colonial collection it plays very well there is  I believe a demo at Partizan 
 Bryan again  showed us he  collection of greens to amaze and astound

 Had the pleasure to meet after about 14 years Paul Philburn and his  family he is the artist who did the warmonger  tee shirt art and much more , I spent many hours with him in the design studio long ago, showing him how I worked on concepts he is now artist and miniature painter extraordinaire, a real joy to see him, group pic of Phil the Mighty Avenger and myself.

I can say I planned to do the whole event this year and Iam tired  after it, but I have had such a wonderful time meeting again people i respect and call good friends and new acquaintances over the 3 days, the miniatures games  are just inspiring but the  atmosphere and collective company make this even worth it newcomers I talked with were  amazed how friendly and helpfull all were. I would say the whole makes BOYL unique to any other  convention or meet. The enthusiasm is infections, and  all to me enjoyed every second.

Thank you Foundry  for  the event and letting me attend as always the hospitality shown to me and Alec and to all for your good company. 


  1. Thanks for the fantastic photos from across the three days. Do you know who did the graveyard table in this post? I love the effect of the game table and would love to find out more about how it was done. Thanks!

  2. Fab pics mate. Tired but very worth it.

  3. thank you for the word Preacher here is the blog of the gentleman who ran that game i believe

  4. Still got that warm BOYL after glow - what a great event and thanks to all involved in making it happen! Look forward to seeing you again Tony - are you down for the Halloween game we're putting on?

  5. Loved the site, the characters and the characters (last pic) behind the characters!