Saturday, 21 April 2018

Dominators VS Daleks into the vortex game

 I  waited a time to get the new Dominators from Warlord DR who into the vortex game, and on receiving and paining some sets I was eager to try them out, I set out a small table using the  GW blasted Hallowheart terrain set and   grabbed 3 cards worth of  characters each side, the Daleks numbered 7  and the Dominators  6,. A simple game 6 nodes and  go for it!
 Dalek patrol leader and 2 patrols of 3 I found them quite formidable in the game and wondered if the Quarks would stand any chance against these metal bad boys
 The Dominators  were 2 Dominators with accompanying Quark and  section of 2 Quarks
 Bit of terrain looked ok a reason i bought the set  simple and effective.
 The teams make for the nodes the Daleks moving faster
 each side securing nodes till lines of sight were engaged
 the Daleks get to the center of the table first
 the Dominators  creep in the ruins then all hell breaks loose
 A d  by a quark blast the amour saving the  surrounding daleksalek is hit 
 the Quarks move into position 
 Another node then the full fire power of 3 Quarks is unleashed on the Daleks
 after a volley of blasts 3 daleks are destroyed and the leader shocked wounded
 the Black Daleks uses fate tokens to recover and  prepare to return fire

 Another Dalek falls and a Quark is blown up on the far side
 The Black Dalek amid the ruins of his patrol  blast the quarks   destroying one and felling a dominator
 A lone Quark is under fire and unable to respond
 on the far side a Dalek gets close to destroy a Quark but A Dominator charges his armor shrugging the  fire and he   destroys the Dalek in a flurry of attacks

 The Black Dalek moves in for the kill having destroyed another Quark
 The dominator  waits in cover to get close and attack in melee
 The Black Dalek fires but again the  armor saves the Dominator
He closes and in  hand to hand combat destroys the last Dalek . victory to the Dominators

Impressions: Dominators  tough use as   hit and run hand to hand the Dominators are very good there body armor ignoring energy blasts, the Quarks blast weapon is devastating. use on groups   you roll alot of dice even at long range.
Daleks split up you move faster and  combine with move or stand and shoot you will out gun most thing, lesson learned fighting the Dominators.

Overall a fun game as always loads of twists and turns make it what you want enjoy real fun...

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