Thursday, 25 April 2019

He-Man and Woods of the Beastman AAR (Fist full of Lead)

 Got the PDFs of the Fist full of lead wargame rules, inspired I decided to give them a run out, Basic mat table and 2 forces. I worked out some stats for He-Man and Beastman forces, probably made a lot of mistakes but the game was very fun to play, 
 Beastman plans to ambush the heroes  he knows he outnumbers them and the Wood will give him cover
 One of the Squads of Hover bots flies over the  tops of the trees.
 Man at Arms and Teela  set off into the  growth
 He-Man  makes his own path shadowing his conpanions
 As they enter a clearing Teela is struck down by a Horde trooper who has a lucky shot.
 He-Man charges and in fury  cuts him down in a single stroke.
 Only to  find himself  surrounded by hover bots
 Man at arms is also surrounded , Beastman shouting the Hover bots to blast him, but his armor makes good saves
 He-Man smashes a Hover bots into scrap
 A Horde trooper aims and finds his blaster empty. (rolled a 1)

 Beastman has had enough and charges felling Man at Arms, "Now go destroy He-Man you fools"
 He is over come with his rage and charges directly at the  Hero.
 3 more Hover bots charge into the battle, as He-Man fells a Horde trooper
 He-man  still mad about his 2 companions  has not time, Crashes to Hover bots   in one and then spins and cuts down the Beast man
Swinging his blade he ends the last Hover bot victory

Thoughts: A good fast paced Skirmish game, very enjoyable . I have the Basic rule and the horror set so the Galactic heroes will be next, along with a set of  special cards made for the game. Will play again.