Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sarissa Wild West buildings & ladies with Swords

 My Son Steven sent me some money for my Birthday other week and I took the plunge on my EOTD, IHMN and all my other games and sent for a few buildings from Sarissa
 Also  found my way to my letter box were the new CD miniatures time lost investigators
 I got 2 sets one for again my  games, really nice miniatures as always, used Andrew Rays miniatures heads
 Here is the  sheriffs office I was  amazed how wel they go together and look

 Gallows it took time and was not easy but again looks great

 Store this is just  brilliant

 The saloon which I must have it is big!, a great model and  is worth every penny

 With roof removed to top florr with rooms and walk way
 lower floor with stairs amazing

 view of top floor

 Heres some pics with miniatures to show the buildings off, Im honelty torn if i should paint them???


  1. They look great mate the buildings are superb. I'm really liking this new wave off buildings that are being released by everyone.

  2. I keep trying to survive a few KS then finally get Dead Man's hand and a few Sarissa and Laser Cut buildings! Thanks for the post the stuff you got was top notch!

  3. Great paint job on the Crooked Dice minis!

  4. Those buildings are great. Cheers for the pics.