Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wargames Foundry God of Battles Tiekkan & some Cowboys

 Painted up some of the wargames foundry God of Battles Tiekkan warriors, these are the Death. nice big models and look very impressive painted

 Size comparison with some Foundry characters of mine
 The  Tiekkan Black warriors these spit acid, very cool looking bug wariors for any game like the death guard, i se them opposing my amazons on the Moon and Selenites.

 Size comparison shot  with my  Reaper Pathfinder Fantasy miniatures
 Foundry Wild West collection, Mike Owens  very strong  solid miniatures with loads of character
 More of the same range again lovley models
 Texas Rangers
 An Artizan miniature and a Foundry young lady
 The pack of  Western miniatures from Artizan great characters

Foundry Wild west  towns people solid miniatures for  any game also could be for  VSF

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  1. Nice PJs. Haven't seen those Foundry Tiekkan before.