Sunday, 25 August 2013

Female Survivors, Drunk Alien diguise expert & T'lekkan Lave slaves

 Got the wonderful wargames Factory Survivor Women plastic box set, and delighted by them, superb work and  countless charcters and playing pieces can be  constructed
 Here is the first 3 of some I made, lovely  stuff
 This guy is from Grekwood Miniatures a must have
 Wargames Foundry God of battles T'lekkan slave larve, great models and I have 15 all different out of 3 packs, usable for lots of games

Rodger: " Oh. My. God.  Everything that happens from this point on is just gravy. "


  1. Not bad, not bad at all!

  2. Very nice survivors. Those Slaves look pretty cool as well nice culpts.