Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Old Warhammer miniatures my collection

 Dug ot my old boxes and thought I would take some pics of my old  Citadel.G/W miniatures, and yes was when my hands and eyes actually worked well, Strontium Dog
 Astropath early 40K
 One of my favorite miniatures of all time the Blood angels Top man
 40K mechanicus I think
 Some not so old 40k priests but still great models
 Kaleb Dark Awesome miniature
 The  Lichmaster very old miniature of mine
 40K assassin still a great miniature
 Chaosetie just a brilliant miniature
40K Inquisitor
 The chainsaw warrior pack
Some old  Inquisitors less said the better hehehheh


  1. These are all so great! I really really dig the mechanicus unit with the huge double bladed axe! I love power armor and medieval weaponry combined :)

  2. I agree completely on the Mephiston model... that is still one of my favourite sculpts too

  3. Some cool figures there... Strontium Dog... for some reason the name 'Johnny Alpha' springs to mind...?
    I had the Chaosette, but parted with it on a sell out many years ago... would have liked to get the Lichemaster but never got round to it... that was a cool scenario pack too...