Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New Painted stuff and a sad loss to the wargame world

 I say with a sad heart  I learned the passing of Don Featherstone, his books and ideas and  intrest was what made me the wargamer and colector of toy soilders today, very sad day for wargamers, we loose a hero to us all..
 Went to Partizan on sunday and off the fenris stand got a lovley Bronze age miniature Greek fighter, I also ordered anther to be sent when available
 A Fenris investigator just brilliant model
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 Very old Grenadier barbarian I found in my adventure in the loft
 this is a great miniature from the convention 
 One of my creations a Wolfman mid 80s i think
 A favorite miniature
 This was a good seller i belive baised on the winged ape in the Conan  stories. another creation of mine
 lovely foundry Amazons
 the free miniature from Partizan Lambert Simnel
 Another pick of my wicker man
 Wargames foundry greek heroes again  fun to apint and nice solid models

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  1. RIP Don. A sad, sad loss. Such an influential icon. I remember his articles in Battle magazine all those years ago which were the first of his I remember reading.