Saturday, 7 September 2013

Oldhammer Kremlo Norse, Greek heroes & bits

 After the great Oldhammer the last weekend I was inspired and talked to my friends, Dave Wood sent me a full set of the Kremlo miniatures  the Amazons and Slann will be next but here are the  Norse characters, I hope I did then justice

 Here are some miniatures I had a very long time and  got round to be  painted wargods  Greek heroes

 And  i had to buy them Kick ass 2 character from hero clix, just washed the faces with flesh wash and re baised

Bio shock character again hero clix, a wash and re-baise for my VSF or any game
And as last i got my  At the earths Core Mahar, hero clix Marvel Sauron  brilliant


  1. Great to see old kremlo painted up.. I have been slowly trying to get there myself you are very lucky to get a set I have been at it for near a year so far and am a long way off still..
    Kick ass is kick ass too. I might have to grab one too..

  2. Lol. They sit with me for 30 years unpainted and you have then for 2 days and paint them! Great PJs as usual! Love those Mahar.

  3. Great work they look awesome. Love The kick ass characters as well.

  4. Very nice looking minis, fantastic colors!

  5. Haha - obviously pays to have some good contacts! It took me a fair old while to assemble Kremlo and the Stoutbacks. The chap with the chainmail, helmet and double handed axe took the longest to track down.

    Stirling work on the paint jobs too!