Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Night of the Dead Santa IHMN game

 Ok Xmas holiday time and we played our Xmas game , used the IHMN rules and time for Zombie Santa to make his mark or bite on the holiday period, Fort Nil point scenario where the  companies must  take the centre building and be there for 12 turns
 Used my MDF buildings and FOW bits and bobs, on a snow  layout

 The Family and some hippies they picked up on the way left to right Rodger the master of disguise, Stan with HMG, Hayley, Steve, Francine, Bob the  moonshine king, and 5 hippies 
 Bad  Zombie Santa, Carl the big bad Teddy, 3 zombie Dogs and a few  un-dead
 The family move on to the  table hoping to get to cover and  shoot the  un-dead horde
 the hippies had a bomb each to help the company can be placed then detonated  in game
 Zombie Santa sends his un-dead hounds to flank and the rest to shamble forward
 Slow going over some snow drifts they move to eat the living
 Rob is confronted by a zombie Francine take her place
 Stan hopes to blast the un-dead  as the enter the house
 Rob takes out a zombie with his fists
 Bob makes his plan to blow them up with petrol bombs but finds he is confronted too fast, steve and hailey face a charge of un-dead

 Zombie Santa hopes to use his dark powers on the living so he take up a prime place

 Steve and Hayley fight off a zombie
 The  zombie hounds now behind the family are in a great place to chew on the living
 A fist fight  starts in the yard Francine hopes to shoot some un-dead with her pistol but the hippies aretoo close and could be  shoot  instead
 Bobs in trouble his  axe fending off the teeth and claws of the Zombies
 the 3 hippies bash and punch 2 un-dead back to the grave
 the hounds pounce on Steve and Hayley outnumbered there time is up maybee
 All hell breaks loose in the house and rodger tried to keep out the way and the hippes take on the undead

Stan is charged by 3 un-dead hos HMG usless in close combat 

 Zombie Santa is about to cast some dark spell when his head explodes he falls back 
 Francine has shot him down in a brilliant play (yes bugger the Zombie Santa is taken out  so early)
 the hippies continue to punch and slap the undead down
 Bob take one attacker out with his axe but is still locked in a fight
 A savage attack kill's poor Hayley  to the ground, Steve is surrounded
 in the house the last un-dead falls but a poor hippie is knocked out

 Karl falls like a tree as a bullet hits him between the eyes the forces of darkness are now suffering bad (you roll a 1 it how it works)
 Francine again  has made her mark with her rifile
 Stan is locked in a wrestle match with a zombie, he  smaskes it down and blasts the last attacker to bits
 Rodger uses his  medical skills or maybe drink to get the down hippie up and back to the fight
 Fracine  drops a charging zombie with her pistol
 Bob and hippie  smash an un-dead out the  play
 Steve is knocked down and hippie come to his aid as the Zombie dogs seek to finish him off
 Steve rises and  fires only shooting the poor hippie dead
 Bob and another hippie rush in and take out the 2 remianing zombie hounds
 Francine is attacked and fires felling the last zombie but the shot shots poor Steve who is in the line of fire
 The game ends total victory to the family the un-dead were wiped out, Francine was the heroine of the game her kill total was amazing. Real fun and enjoyment again, brilliant game  system and works as we know  so well


  1. Wow, fun and crazy gaming! I love it! Man you keep selling this to me every batrep!

  2. Great fun and festive! Nice Batrep SK.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family buddy!