Thursday, 26 December 2013

Painted Fantasy, Monsters , Mexicans & Masked man

 Finished off some great fantasy miniatures, I try hard with my eyes and hands these days but  think there acceptable, Avatars of war barbarian im using him as Rexor for my Conan games and other fantasy 

 Rexors brother Thorgrin lovely mini i put the hammer on his  wielded staff

 This was a must have again Avatars of war Im using as my fantasy version of Psycola

 Some wizkids  washed and based up usable for  my fantasy and IHMN
 The white Stag a Wargames Foundry miniature
 Some mexican  peons for my IHMN companys and wild west games , Wargames Foundry
lastly a must have a reaper masked hero he joins my IHMN super miniature


  1. That's a lot of output for the holidays!

  2. Fantastic looking lot of figures my friend. That band of three vicious looking fighters is something I would love to add to my collection!