Wednesday, 14 January 2015

IHMN War of the Worlds "Save the Dollymop's"

IHMN War of the Worlds 
"Save the Dollymop's"
 So  we have the new  War of the worlds rules and company's and we could not resist, the  WSS magazine has  the great article and  scenarios  in we picked one from there "save the children " we changed for  young ladies of  easy virtue the  main building was in the centre of the ruins with 12  young ladies and a nun
 placed in the large building at random
 the Nun down stairs  hoping the resistance get there before the Martians
 the Resistance lead byAbel Cain and his company of brave fine English gentlemen
 the Martians 2 patrol Tripods and  assorted  warriors and  turn coats lead by a commander sought the  fleash and blood in the  building for whatever there vile purposes  were
 lay out 

2 brave resistance are already in the building and  await there  company to spirit the gils away

 Abels men  enter the  area guns ready 
 taking positions to face the alens
 The Martians attack flanking patrol tripods  and the main force seeking to cut the  resitance off from the building
 the tripods take point

 a brave resistance fighter runs off with a  girl to safety
 the  Martians make ther move ot enters the building heat guns ready
 the  left flanking tripod fires to no effect
 the right one misses also nothing is going right for the invaders
 Fighters rush the building and the  others  make for the escape
 heat rays and gun fire but nothing  falls the first volleys do nothing
 the brave engineer take aim and fores the rockets and the huge tripod war machine it hits to devistaing effect
 the  machine explodes killing 2 more  martians wh used it to cover there advance, the  steers man falls  flat and out form his burning machine

 inside the martian try to grab there victims the  resistance fighters fending them off with knives and blows
 a drone  solider is gunned down by resistance fire
 anoter is shoot off the stairs as he tries to enter the top floor
 a brave fighter grapples the leg  of the fighting macghine and to his luck it falls  imobilising the  Martian  war  machine
Abel seeks the advantage and attack also as a drone goes to aid the machine
 A martian  soilder falls at the top of the stairs like the drone to  resistance gun fre
 A drone trooper enters and shoots down a girl as  a resistance fighterthen shoots him dead fromthe outside window

 the resitance leaders gun jams soilid out side
 another girl is lead to safety as the battle continues

 A heat rifle  slays a resitance fighter as another Martin grabs the girls the human fighters charge and block the  aliens intentions
 a lucky shot and the fallen tripod goes as the first in a huge fire ball killing the stters man instantly
 the Martian commander  rushes to aid the  falling Martian around him
 fierce hand to hend  contines in the building girls screaming and tenticles and  blades and blows rain down
 Abel seks the Martian commander
 A martian rips down a resistance fighter as  the  fight continues

 a lone martian is  bushwhacked by the resistance fighters
 The commander charges and takles the humsn in the building trying to salvage some thing at least
 anothet gilr escapes
 the commander slays the human in seconds as the second  pulls the haplesss girl outside
 he makes for his escape with the  juiciey  human but 
 he is flanked by  the resistance ewho open fire
 Abels men try hard as they  blast the  Martian
 the cowardly alien uses the girl as a shiled and she falls but then alone he is blown to bits by the resistance
the commander  hears the last cry of his  company and then is  slain by the resistance leader, the Humans win out right

A great addition and lots of funm I might add my penny worth and say the tripods should be terrifying that is all , We both enjoyed alot and a great fun time again