Sunday, 17 May 2015

Infinity, Lucid Eye and others painted

 More to my Infinity collection, superb miniatures to paint love the style and hope I do them justice, above is Atlanta sniper and her spy bot

 3 combine army specialist ladies all very very  dangerous again a joy to paint

 Nomad Rev  women  

 Lucid eye simians for Steve wonderful  pieces great fun

 Golgo and Dr Fang Statuesque Pulp Alley miniatures  excellent as always

 A Heroclix Godzilla  just had to buy it
 another heroclix re-paint for my colection

 A Lucid eye Amazon queen perfect a joy to paint


  1. All totally brilliant...but the Lucid Eye stuff is especially nice!

  2. Great stuff all round! Those Lucid eye simians make me think there's a Black Monolith around somewhere. ;)

  3. Fabulous work mate they all look ace!

  4. Great stuff Tony. You put my feeble output to shame!!