Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Quatermain and the lost world (IHMN AAR)

We read and enjoyed Gordon ideas on a lost world setting for one of our favourite games IHMN 
using the stats we created 2 company's and  got sorted, Allan Quatermain and a company of explores  vs the Simians lead by Caesar , i laid out the  board and we planned to play scenario number 1 from the IHMN rule book

 Caesar, Zilla his  friend  Lizard and 6 Simians
 the  complications were a selection of my Dinos these would move fight  after both companies had done there action to ease play and ensure we  found ourself in perils, the creatures would attack anything within there run distance id in LOS. This proved to work very easy and cut down on   interruptions and made us think alot.
 Allan, Lord and Lady Blackwood, loyal man servant and 6 armed  porters

 the great white hunter
 deployment  the mission secure 3 objectives in the centre of the table
 Allan prepares for sport
 using cover he plans to  shoot the  opposition away and take the  objectives with ease
 now we took ourself to the fun part and after deployemt we  randomly deployed the Dinos, not good in both party as a few were in LOS and charge range  turn 1 was going to be nasty

 Raptors mulled around wanting dinner

 the simians use cover and  speed to move into the table we gave them no penalty for woods and scrub to move
 the  explorer  moves on
 the  bearers take position
 A T-Rex  runs off a simian who refuses to face the mighty beast
 safe than lunch perhaps
Joshua is charged and takes on a monster head on
 the simians lead by Caesar  move to the centre with ease
 Allan and the explorer fire at the large  dino who turns and charges them
 The Blackwoods  creep to the right side hoping to bag an objective as a huge croc slides past them

 Allan dispatches the mighty beast
 Zilla hope to blast the  T-Rex with his  atomic breath but fails miserably the  Monster charges
 Gun fire  slays the floating croc now safe to pass
 A Simain is rushed by another Croc
 2 mighty lizards clash
 A bearer is ripped apart by a wandering Dino
 Zilla falls to the king of the monsters
 Caesar crosses the river intent on the  objectives
 The Blackwoods now safe cross the river
 Allan  advances into the  heart of the lost land

 take aim at a simian and rolls a 1 miss fire best shot in the world  is too unlucky again
 the bearers fire and one  shatters his rifle he is now  only armed with a machete
 another bearer  fells the  huge lizard
 a simian is to slow and becomes the feast of a Croc
 the pack of Raptors  scour the left  flank
 Allan  uneasy at there presence  slowly advances
 the  black wood  safe on the other  side spot the objective

 Allan  shoot with some skill this time at a running simian dropping the poor creature in its tracks
 another Simian is hot down on the rocks
 Lord Black wood grabs the objective while his lady stands ready

 Caesar charges Allan and the explores  his spear   ready a dangerous fight ensures
 Joshua and a bearer are ambushed by another  Dino
 the battle continues none gaining any advantage
 the raptors strike and her ladyship falls as his lordship feds on the  teeth and claws

 the hunter disturbs a huge snake that  rears up and strikes
 a simian is  charged by anther Croc only his pear saving him
 as a bearer helps Allan and the  explorer the  fellows are  jumped by 4 raptors scenting blood
 Lord Blackwood  parry s the devilish beasts as his Lady is still down
 Joshua still fighting the dino sees another wandering dino appear from the jungles
 the hunter uses his rifle butt to  keep the  snake at bay
 the simian fighting the croc  gets a lucky strike
 Suddenly Caesar is struck down by a Raptor, the  explorer following

 Lady Blackwood rises and fires into the  raptors assaulting her  husband
 Allan shoot dead a raptor with his trusty revolver
 A simian  strikes down a bearer as he spots a dino charging him and his foe
 Allan is beset by Raptors firing into them to no avail

 the huge dino  bite  open a bearer leaving Joshua alone to fight the monster

His Lordship  slays a second raptor
 Joshua aided by a bearer  manages to stop the huge Dino
things go to worse as a wandering T-Rex joins in the fight with Allan and the raptors
 Joshua now his blood is up  fight to the death a croc in the woods
 a simian  is caught between the  hunter and the  snake

 her Ladyship shoots dead the last raptor now time to run with the  prize

 the charging Dino is shoot dead by the bearer

 the hunter  kills the snake to face the Simian as a bearer rushes to his aid
chased by a Croc her ladyship runs firing back at the huge  beast

 his Lord ship leaving her behind like a true gent
 she catches him but the croc still follows

 the hunter is slain by the spear  wielding Simian
 Joshua  fights another Dino will this never end ?

 his luck runs out and he is killed
 Allan pistol blazing  he slays the Dinos and backs off hoping his  people got the objectives as this is no hunt but a bloodbath of teeth and scales
 rifle  jammed (again ) he slowly  back off
 Joshua is avenged by a reaming bearer
 the t-Rex changes the hunter and his combatant
 her Ladyship still chased by the croc  crosses the river
 Allan fells the last raptor
 the hunter is  eaten by the T-Rex

 as she makes it to the woods seeing the escape point the brave lady is killed by the  perusing Croc
 a rear guard action Allan and his remaining bearers  shoot down the advancing wild life
 Lord Blackwood  avenges his wife by  dispatching the Croc, Victory to Allan's company well whats left of it.
Brilliant game loads of fun and  well he bloodbath was on the table loads of casualty's the Dino's were great fun and  so enjoyable, Great stuff Gordon and we  both thank you for the lists ....


  1. Total carnage! Brilliant! For a while I thought everyone was going to be Dino fodder! Glad it all seems to work. Thought Quatermain might be a bit overpowered with his SV and Hunting Rifle but apparently not. Me and the boy are due to have a game in the Lost World this Sunday...and this has really got me in the mood!

  2. Great stuff - thanks for sharing.

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