Saturday, 19 September 2015

At the Earth's core, Sagoth's and others painted

 I was so inspired by this  publication "At the Earths Core " by Bobby Nash and Jamie Chase published by dark horse. I had to at long last do a Sagoth army for my wargames and  skirmish games and AARs, so?,
 Here is the result based on old star wars pr paints i  converted  my force. keeping it as simple as i could Iam pleased with the end result
 The leader has GW parts and most of the weapons are plastic Ogre spares

 My Mahars are heroclix so im  good for a  army
 Well i had to put them in a picture Antediluvian miniatures
 here with an Iron clad mole

 One of my very old scults of David Innes
 A Hasslefree miniature I could not resist of the Legertha shield maiden  
 The sand snakes from GOT
 Crooked dice Weed amazing model
The size
and here is my Beilt at last i think she fits perfect


  1. Fantastic! I must finish some of my projects using the plastic pre paints.

  2. Hi Tony, Where did you source Belit? Hopefully not OOP! Howard

  3. Forlorn hope miniatures under Amazon fanatics, its one even I missed

  4. Brilliant and inspiring as always! Got my copy of the book the other day...haven't had a chance to do anything but flick though but it looks amazing!

  5. Fantastic all of them mate. A job well done on these!

  6. Oh my God, those are incredible! Absolutely amazing work, Shadowking. Love it.
    Thanks for checking out the book. I'm glad you enjoyed it.