Saturday, 7 May 2016

Blood Eagle Battle Report : The Banner of blood

 Well we had to have another game of Blood Eagle, the next scenario is the Sacred banner so i laid out the terrain and  Alec came over he used his Uhtred war band and this time included the dreaded Irish warrior Finan along with the mighty Steppa, along with some Vikings to  rescue the Sacred banner in an isolated Abbey from the Pagans.
I used a composed war band from my long past D&D days as a concept Medab and her forest folk intent on stealing the magical banner for there own devices
 Placed  out my terrain using Ainsty walls to  build the Abbey, and there  grave yard and other bits for the surroundings

 Uhtreds war band (used my new painted converts for him and Finan with Foundry for the rest
 Medeb and her war band Storm the champion 2 war dogs and 8 Savage herd tribesmen/ women of the woods, she can shape change into a bear
 The sacred banner in the Abbey, Foundry Monks 
 We had the armed civilians who would attack anyone within a range

 Medabs  force enters onto the sceane
 Uhtred and his man make straight for the Abbey

 An armed civilian  is  cut down by Finan on his path, no time for fights with the locals
 A poor villager is  taken down by the Heard Females savages all
 Fianan and Steppa make it to the door way, and prepare themselves
 A heard woman warrior charges the  shield men of Uhtred.
 Uhtred slays his first Heard man of the day, making short work of him
 A war dog charges Steppa who strikes it aside with ease as the Heard Savages charge into the  Warriors
 Finan grabs the banner and waits hit time to escape with it the minks protesting do  little to his ears.
 Viking vs Tribes man
 the shiled makes a huge difference to the un-armoured Heard men
 A Savage female  cut down another Villager before he can react
 Steppa charges the  bow armed Heard woman as Uhtred engages another who tried to back stab the huge warrior
 Around the  far side a fight  becomes a mixed  combat Vikings  against the heard savages
 Finan sees his time and makes for the  escape route while around him bodies mount up
 Steppa swats the  !/2 naked savage like an insect 
 Another war dog falls and the melee continues
 Medab  makes to block the exit with her magic's but a Viking intercepts her as another Savage falls
 Uhtred is  slaying all who face him his skills and ways of the sword  make for a formidable warrior
 The heard woods man champion Storm is killed by an armed civilian(failed his hero point roll)
 Medab shimmers then transforms into a huge Bear
 Finan makes his way through the clash of steel
 Steppa charges the Bear head on
 Savages and Vikings litter the  Abbey grounds
 no mercy is shown on both sides
 Steppa's mighty blow knocks the Bear to the ground
 As Finan makes it off the  field with the sacred banner
 The Vikings  slay another Savage but  there ranks are now thin
 A Savage heard woman  throws her spear at Uhtred  only to strike a Viking who moved before him
 Uhtred charges the Savage and Serpent breath kills her instantly
 the  brave Viking is avenged and no more Tribes men stand 
 The bear rises and rips the viking in !/2 as steppa block's its deadly claws
 Uhtred moves to help his friend against the  dark sorcery
 Steppa again batters the bear down but it rises and bites hard 
 the bite goes deep but he stand   (spot on fate roll but the warband had the banner so +1 )
 Uhtred strikes hard  and slays the mighty beast(Medab used all her hero points and failed the last roll)
The bear  shimmers and returns to the  Druidess,, Exhausted Uhtred and the survivors take stock of the battle . Victory for Uhtred
What a great fun game again it becomes Story driven and loads of  exciting action. Medab s force seemed light  and did all get killed but they also only left 1 Viking warrior  standing out of  the war band. Uhtred is a killing machine and Steppa a mountain. great game and I used miniatures not out the box in 30 years....

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  1. Gotta love Steappa! Brilliant stuff! Will get around to posting our first game up soon.