Sunday, 19 March 2017

Stormcast Vangard, Slambo and Veridyan painted up

 After along time of no painting time or even  mojo to do any I bought a selection of the new GW pieces and here are the results I believe it has infused me. Painted using Foundry and GW paints using my wet pallet, it does make life easy!. the GW Adeptus Sororitas Canoness Veridyan, a must buy for me great miniature to my collection
 Well i had to buy this one a new cersion of the  Chaos Sambo miniature again enjoyed so much painting this  one.
 The Stormcast vanguard caught my eye and I must say the  plastics are of the very highest quality, great looking miniatures
 Gryph -hounds  from GW another must buy
 And the best till last these are perhaps the  best plastics i have ever seen the  pose and dynamics are  amazing Vanguard Palladors. a joy to paint up i hope i did them justice?


  1. Look fabulous mate. Glad you have got your mojo back

  2. Some lovely figs and lovely paint jobs to go with them! Glad the mojo's back, Tony!

  3. Especially love your Veridyan, a great match to the JB artwork. :)