Sunday, 23 April 2017

Salute 2017

 Was invited again to help at Wargames  Foundry stand at Salute this year, so along with my best mate Alec we set off again, Saturday early we  made our way to the  huge hall and started setting up the stand, lots of hands and very hard work created a great stand and all the miniatures , books and paints to sell.
 Maria and steve manned the Warmonger stand beside us , I did not have  much time for pictures so excuse the coverage , i had a list of minis and people to see as normal so fitted in where I could, I believe i missed a few good people  but manged to complete my wants list to about 95%, the hall is massive and never had time to see the  vast amount of great display games on show to which i enjoy so much.
 The high light was getting a copy of the new warlord games DR Who game and  found them set up and delighted to meet the crew and meet Alan and have a short but excellent chat, the display looked fantastic with lots of previews and   things Dr Who 
 A fast group picture please forgive my skills, the great Wayne and co, Wayne is a joy to speak too and we missed  our convention chat , but the convention again is so vast and busy. 
 The fantastic Emma who is a joy to be in her company we had many laughs, and in yellow the  legend that is Steve. 
 The master of IHMN Craig who found us in the melee, a pleasure to see him always
 A great Oldhammer  and friend James 
 Perhaps the best part  ever I got to meet Tabitha Lyons Cosplayer beauty who was promoting Wild west Exodus at the show. dressed at the Legendary Captain Nimue 
 Lovely to talk to and I got a kiss of her so  very happy Tony (yes not washing my face forever now)
 Paul another old hammer who is a joy to talk to  was there and said hello, will see him and the next BOYL
 And the great Dave Wood along with Mark Stevenson of the Asgard  miniatures page, always a great chat about  old miniatures. 
 Had like i said little time for other pictures but had to take these of the warlords demo game astonishing table and miniatures

 My loot from the convention Dr who game, Infinity book and LTD minis, bombshell miniatures, a Wild west  Exodus mini of Nimue,, Hasslefree fix, Fenris games lost world minis care of the great Ian, Crooked dice large order the female minions and others and lastly Perry miniatures  British.


  1. Sounds like a great show! The pics I've seen of the line-up to get in are a bit daunting though (and wrong side of the Pond). Great bunch of Loot - we'll see it all painted by next week, eh? ;-) Howard

  2. Looks like loads of fun...and lots of lovely loot, too!

  3. Great to see you as always. Hope Alec has recovered!! (:

  4. Who knew, Dr who would get looted? Not I! (laughs) Nice stash ya got Tony, looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Looks like a busy day all round. see you at BOYL

  6. Hi, would it be OK if we used one of your photos from Salute (of the Dr Who game) in Wargames Illustrated magazine please? We would credit you/your blog.
    Kind regards

    Dan, Wargames Illustrated

    1. Dan please use whatever off my page.