Saturday, 22 July 2017

Escape the Daleks (Dr Who In to the Time vortex game)

 At last got round to playing the Dr who Exterminate game, used the solo rules (that work wonderful). a simple  scenario escape off the other side, looking at the rules and  play i picked the Dr and 2 sets of 3  humans armed with  earth weapons. the stats I talked to Rodger and  co and  they seemed fair, they had to escape off the opposite edge, but  between them were 3 units of 3 Daleks!

The Story: The space security ship lands on the barren world of  Issue, the  Captain Tye and her agents  steal the Daleks plans from a remote station and  meet the mysterious  Dr. who explains the escape route to there ship is now blocked by a force of Daleks intent on killing the Astronauts.
 Eager to make a run for it the hero and his group of  space security Astronauts  readied there  guns and wits.
 There path was blocked bu the mercy less  Daleks intent on exterminating all who tried to escape.
 The party decided to let the enemy come to them  trying hard to make for cover against the deadly fire that is to  erupt about them
 The Daleks has a simple solo rules to follow and worked  great, they advanced to get better shots at the humans
 The security astronauts opened fire on the metal monsters one  stunned others taking fire.
 Blaster fire  stunning a security man behind cover
 Captain Tye pistol stopping one Dalek as it flanked but others closed in.
 Astronaut Gabrielle shouting encouragement at her crew as she  fired into the advancing   Daleks

 Dispite considerable fire the Daleks  still moved forward  even under fire they can shoot.
 Captain Tye sees the flank  over run  a crewman is hit but not killed
 As crewman Blake turns he is bathed in electric fire and slain
 The Daleks push on the centre and flank 
 Captain Tye take careful aim and  the shot  blows the metal monster to  pieces 
 The Dr shouts the  crewman to make a run for it  but as the  other  jump the  pipes he stumbles and faces his old foes alone
 the Daleks fire but  his luck holds and  explosions around him he still lives
 Captain Tye , Brent and  Taylor  face a single Dalek
 the main force advances on the Dr!
 he takes one wound  from the advancing fire/
 Concentrated fire  destroys another Dalek 
 Brent rushes to aid the stumbling Dr his  rife blazing, the advancing Daleks turn slowly and   fire
 the brave  astronaut  dies in the  energy from 4 Daleks
 The Dr using the  diversion  makes it over the pipes and   tells the  astronauts to run  like never before
 The Daleks  move past the battle and bodies scattering the  field
 Gabrielle  covers the  escape her rife firing at the  approaching Daleks and the Dr  encourages all to move.
 The gun fire   only glances  the oncoming Daleks who fire at the escaping humans

 Gabrielle empties her rifle at the closest Dalek.
 the  monster is shocked and stunned by the  carnage
 The perusing Daleks still  chase the humans who are almost  at the escape  rocket

 A stray blaster shot stuns  Gabrielle who falls perhaps her fate sealed now
 the Dr is blasted by the advancing Daleks but still stands he  grab Gabrielle and ushers the crew men into the space ship
 Taylor and Cory make it to the ship  shouting to the others to  get in fast.
 The Dr,  Captain Tye and Gabrielle make a last effort and climb aboard  as the Daleks  continue to  fire as the rocket lifts off...
Thoughts on the game, for me its loads of fun the mechanics do work and the solo game was actually loads of fun, the stats and numbers work well. the  forces I believe are very well balanced the Daleks are relentless and able to fire even when having a under fire token,  the humans I used were of this stat line Move 6 , Resistance 2, Melee 0 and Shooting 0 i used the human weapons on the  cheat sheet and the Dr had his screwdriver.
Love this and  happy i  got my mojo back and this shoved it up to 10 again

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