Sunday, 9 July 2017

War of The Dark Imperium 2/ 40k game day

 Had a wonderful days  gaming at laser labyrinth today with a 8th edition 40k  game day, I missed the first one so was eager to have go with the gamers down at the games hall. Hosted by Paul  Kelly and Andy and Joe of the laser labyrinth , A set of 3 games  on 6 tables with 12  participating was a great event. Some varied Armies and  troops types. the venue had  6 good 4x4 tables for the 1000 points  to fight over and a good constructed  game booklet to use in the missions and scenarios.

I knew most of the gamers but meet a few and made new friends over the day. Damo Lewis and Kaleb to name a few. the 3 game i played were good fun against worthy opponents i took my Sons of Horus army which proved very  deadly to fight against. Chaos, Tyranids and space marines were my opponents and  enjoyed the time and good company in all . some nice painted armies and  force selection.

Points were collected on each game, the end result was I won the tournament   receiving  a great  trophy picture and a voucher from the venue. Thank you all for a great days company and time...

Pictures below of some of the games and tables and winners great day

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