Saturday, 13 July 2019

Legion of the Red Devastation, Pulp 7TV and others painted

 Howard of the Tekumel project sent me these , wanted the  miniatures  for a time, very inspiring even the name. Nice to paint and look great in units.

 I had to have this guy TV villain great miniture
 One of the bad guys from the same Cartoon
 Minions from the same genre great  to paint
 Part of Crooked dices Pulp miniatures KS, very nice to paint him up
 more 7TV pulp

 Objectives from the same  line

 A certain bad guy and a few friends and companions

 Black Plague Zombicide box sets painted up at last, lovely miniatures


  1. Lovely stuff shadowking; especially loving the MotU stuff. :)

  2. What a post, there's so much eyecandy in here it's even hard to pinpoint what I like best.
    The MoTU villains are terrific.