Saturday, 6 July 2019

Pulptastic 7TV day at Foundry

 Had an invite to the 7TVPulptastic Day at Wargames Foundry. I took pictures on my phone and some how a lot were not good at all. (Yes Wayne press the screen??). so her is a selection and a chance to capture the  boards and casts of the day. I would say of the highest quality and enthusiasm I have only ever seen at BOYL. Terrain and set ups were of a quality and joy to game on.

And at last i meet many gamer's  I have known other FB page, A pleasure to meet all and the new faces also, A whole load of gentlemen and   enthusiastic I ever had the pleasure to spend a days games with. Wayne and Karl and Diane  did us proud, and the creative team from Edgehill University. A pleasure to talk and discuss the game they created..

Real enjoyment and  a great days with good company, thank you all for the time...
 A selection of the pictures i took.....

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