Sunday, 26 May 2013

Captain Sinbad and his crew & (lord currs company)

 Finished my Captian Sinbad my buddy Drew sent me him along with the mage and  I had to paint them up before anything else, lovley miniatures harwood hobbies
 Captain Sinbad (I painted him as homage to the marvel comic strip colors)
 The  Mage
 Command  really nice models from Perrys

 The crew and ship so far, I will now need some Reaper miniatures that lok tasty and I have loads of plastics to convert also.

From the  In her majesrty name game miniatures lord Currs company. nice miniatures


  1. You Git! My own aren't even painted yet! Currs company look great btw!

  2. Great work mate you certainly are a speedy painter.