Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sheffield Triples 2013

 Had a good day in Sheffield again at the  Triples convention
 This game looked great and some stunning miniatures painted

 Very large  SYW battle with some great set piece miniatures
 Great  medical tents, with bloody causalties and dogs helping themselfs to bits and bobs
 Great looking model windmill

 This had perhaps the biggest selection of pike men i have ever seen all wonderfuly painted

 Never knew they made a model of my mother in laws house

 old toy soilders with a flying string back

 Very nice  terrrain and models looked a joy to play on
 Huge Sudan game and  loved the set pieces again

The haul of my purchases, lots of plastics to convert, some movemet trays, nice wild west form Black Scorpion and some more perrys for my Sinbad bad guys, FOW Roads, odds and ends i had a list and got all but one item cool, Iam in wonder at the huge selection of plastics now to buy and  use, very very impressed by it all, and a In her majestys name box set i could not resist, forgot to buy a hard copy but my mates son will get me one tommorw, enjoyable day talked to many i know and meet at the con. good day all round


  1. Very nice looking games. Great loot and looks like it was a good day.

  2. Nice pics mate and what a Haul!