Saturday, 25 May 2013

EOTD thugs, more Sinbad crew & Sinbad Bad guys

 Got these last week from the Triples convention, lovley miniatures fromWestwind, joy to paint and add to my collection

 More crew for Sinbad, my good friend Drew sent me the harwood hobbies Sinbad and  mage that im almost painted up, along with some more crew, Ill add more crew when i get to my conversion time and all the new palstic i bought last week
 Wanted these for age Perry miniatures I painted them up as  Turans (from marvel 1970-80s comics Conan)for my Sinbad and Crom games, just brilliant models
Almost finished som IHMN set and the  next Sinbad stuff like i said, will post when done...

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