Sunday, 1 June 2014

Birthday and Partizan in the park

 Had a great day  went to the Partizan in the park convention and meet many friends there and had the good fortune to meet at last Criag Cartmell one of the authors of my  favourite games IHMN, he  gave me a n advanced copy of the next  book for all my blogs and  interest, wonderful.
 My best mate Drew sent me these little gems for my day also  superb I got a gothic batman now and 2 lovely swashbucklers
 My son Steven got me a Forge world Horus so great  stuff, Russell got me complete series of all GOT

 Now to the convention in the park the tents were huge and linked a good floor and  was bright inside
 thank god it had not rained
 Meet  at last Dave Wood who i have known on line for along time, had a great chat and meet  lovely Sophia his daughter 
 Took pictures of the games as normal and if i missed anyone please forgive me

 wonderful snow board  with  brilliant minis

 IHMN game  huge table looked great

 massive Zulu game

 Bolt action table very nice

 This looked just great and what a place to fight a battle

 Perry WW2 game  superb

 So much colour

 Shawn's  zombie table


 just brilliant fun a VFWG 

Haul long horn cattle Fenris and other bits and another paint set all good  (and iron clad walker )


  1. You Interest me strangely. A wargames show in a tent. That's something to think about. The current hall we are using for Broadside has issues, (Mostly around Parking) and the price may go up next year, so maybe this is not such a bad idea.

  2. To be honest i prefered to the hall they use it was brighter and more easy and had a good feeling all round to the convention

    1. I'll have to see what the traders have to say about it, but it is at least something we can explore. Thanks for your prompt reply I appreciate it.

  3. Great to meet up at long last and a belated happy birthday! Thoroughly enjoyed the show and then taking Sophia around Newark. Lovely place...except for the parking ticket due me placing the pay and display card upside down...grrrrrr. Will try to appeal,,,,,

  4. That looks like a lovely con, weather permitting. The games on show are fantastic too. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy birthday :)

  5. Wargaming in a marquee. What a great idea.

  6. Great pics, thanks for sharing.