Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Flashheart and the Brotherhood of the Serpent (IHMN SDRS AAR)

So today we entered the new world  of Sleeping dragon, Rising sun from IHMN I chose the The brother hood of the Serpent as my company and Alec had his British company. We chose the  Embassy compound as location with its complications armed civilians and bystanders and the Scenario was catch the pigeon (Dog)

 Alec laid all the terrain out and it looked the great the dog was upstair  sleeping his collar had some  information on both sides urgently wanted

 2 Iron vehicles only for show in the park
 Queen of the seas, captain Chin , a first mate and  musket men and  swords men were her  company
 Captain Flashheart (dedication to the great Rick Mayall who passed this week and gave us such joy and fun) Dr Eddie SGt Boridge and the rest stalwart  troopers of the Queen
 Flashheart enters and seek to grab the dog and do a runner
 The pirate queens men  dash and make to  stop the British and her plans 
 civilians and staff run for cover as the 2 company's  arrive
 DR Eddie  enters the compound
 the pirates split to encircle the British

 Spike says in the room out the way best place unseen un heard
 brushing civilians aside the  Serpent brother hood  charges in

 the British take aim and fore on the advancing pirates but to no effect (yes alot of 1s)

 they continue to  try to pick of the pirates but to no avail
 Flashheart enters the house followed close by Dr Eddie
 the pirates have trouble passing the civilians
 an armed officer of the compound shots dead a pirate who got too close
 Sgt boridge just shoots dead an armed  officer to make it less trouble???
 as a pirate fires into the house Miss Lilly   dispatches the  pirate with her revolver in the head for his actions
 close hand to hand fighting starts as the  wonderful words "not many casualty's have happened?"
 Sgt major engages a charging pirate
 the Queen and her  party Storm the alley way

 Flash now up stairs spots the dog "grab the  pouch and were away Eddie"
 Civilians run to the house for safety blocking the corridors
 a blow to the head drops the pirate and the SGT major struggles with whats coming down the alleyway
 a pirate is no match for 3 of the Queens finest
 Flash grabs the dog to see his escape blocked so makes for the window
 the Sgt major is now outnumbered by pirates

 the queen and crew enter the building swords ready
 melee out side with pirate vs trooper
 the civilians block all the courses
 Flash on the  roof looks to see his escape plan
 the  troopers try to delay the Queen but are cut down
 the Sgt major struggles against the pirates who wont die

 troopers fall to the blades of the Serpent
 Flash goes for it jumps off the roof (and Alec rolls a 1 )
 he lands not on his feet but head and  (after rolling a 2 he is out of the game) the Brits loose there leader
 Spike thinks  back to safety
 the pirates slay the SGT major and his  troopers near the door
 the Queen kills Dr Eddie outside in the alley way
 a lone trooper kills the 1st mate but is then slain by the captain
 Spike trys to get back in the house
 the captain makes short work of another trooper and he bayonets a pirate
 the last trooper near the house fends off the captain and a pirate
 the queen re  enters the house searching for spike
 the trooper falls to steel
 the dog jumps off the roof and is caught by the Captain as the Queen follows him down (yes she made all her rolls)

 the final trooper is slain all the British are dead the pirates  victorious
 Spike is  carried off  by the Queen and Captain, Victory to the Serpents
a lot of carnage and casualty's , we had so much fun and laughing as poor flash failed his rolls that's why the game is so great. the new company's in the book well all look great  the Brother hood was  really good


  1. That looked like a lot of fun. I am so tempted by this skirmish game. But....I really need to at least pretend to finish a few other projects first. Thanks for posting.

  2. Another great game! Love Spike.