Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Evil of the Dread Monks(IHMN Gothic)

So part 2 of the companies of the IHMN Gothic additions the  Dread monks of Sucevita, I could not resist , so plastic pile i made the company, and we planned out game Alec brought his Texas rangers and the table was an European village with 6 objectives only 3 active  which had to be taken off the table to revile what it was I used  some  young ladies and  we set off in the next  adventure

 Texas rangers agent Smiths men  includes a doctor  and the usual rangers armed to the teeth

 The monks the Abbot , Hiero-deacon and  7 dread monks armed with metal staves

The village had been visited by the dread monks many times and young girls stolen without  mercy so the village elders had   locked all the doors and  shoved 6 young  girls out as offerings to the un-dead hoping they would just leave them alone . the rangers had travelled far intent on destroying the  horrors

  the village all doors locked and the offerings to the monks shoved outside, the rangers  had tracked the undead and  wanted to stop them forever
 the armed and  brave rangers make their way across a ploughed field
 the silent  dread monks  stride towards the  village and there prey
 A young girl is spirited away by the rangers

 others take positions  to shoot down the  un-dead
 another girls is saved from the nightmare

 the rangers make there way in the village and  prepare to deal Justice
 the Dread monks  enter the village silent and  deadly
 The abbot casts  his evil to make friends  attack each other
 one ranger shots at another but he rises unharmed

 a young girl is the centre of a brutal melee with knifes and pistols vs steel starves wielded by the dead
 brutal hand to hand begins

 a ranger gets lucky and destroys a monk
 the centre  fight gets bigger with blows struck on both sides
 the Deacon grabs a girl and drags her screaming away as the Abbot engages close quarters with the rangers
 the bodies start to fall monk and ranger both sides
 the sword of St Michael makes short work a ranger
 Smiths party fights  hand to hand against the undead not gaining any ground
 a brave ranger tries to stop a monk with a girl only to fall again to the abbots blade
 the rangers start to  fell the  dread monks and   outnumber but still the undead stand
 the Abbot slays another ranger

 the deacon  takes away the girl
 the abbot joins the battle in the centre as Smith  now victorious turns the corner
 blade and knife clash the abbot is fearsome foe
 the deacon is ambushed by the doctor and a ranger,
 surrounded the abbot  fights on slaying  another ranger
 the Deacon is felled by the doctor who has no combat skill at all?
 then he breaks the Sword of St Michael (1 followed by a 1 purple counter time)
 a ranger grabs the last girl and pulls her free of the melee as the abbot is finally destroyed
 victory to the rangers but at a terrible price

 Carnage in the village a great game loads of fun as usual the monks are very tough (if you remember the  Horror talent), great stuff and more to come.


  1. Really a good game. Great looking table! Love the farm animals!

  2. Great game report mate. It all looks brilliant as always especially the damsels in distress!

  3. Fantastically interesting factions and great farm table. I have nominated you for the Libester Award i hope you don't mind.

  4. Very nice report! THis village is amazing, and I love your monks and the animals especially...beautiful pictures!

  5. very kind Robert I just like people to enjoy the pics