Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mars Expedition, Hinterland Zombies, Malifaux and some Sea monsters

 Finished off some more painting this week and took some pictures, the above are my own miniatures and painted for my VSF and pulp games
 A Fenris games Squid man superb mini
 Wargames foundry hyinas

 Wargames foundry  some great Victorian adventures
 Hinterland Zombie hussars
 Malifaux girls for my IHMN or anything really
 More Malifaux great stuff
 the great Martian expedition of Sir Adrian bog worthy DSO, MBE and bar

 This was a gift from my mate Drew and  will add to my atlantian army's and monster collection Deep wars minis  just brilliant


  1. Nice! In the 11th photo, who makes the female figure with her pith helmet off, standing at the rear of the walker?

  2. wargames foundry new victorian adventures sets if you ring themup im sure they will get you one

  3. Very nice - especially the walker.

  4. Amazing stuff! Haven't seen the deep wars figure before.

  5. The walker is quite nice. As are the other figures, of course.

  6. Fantastic stuff there mate, well done!

  7. You got some good stuff and ideas. Personally, I think you overdid the dark wash on the people. It should be more subtle. Dilute the wash with 1/3 water.