Sunday, 27 July 2014

Painted July, Zoats Undead pirates and more

 July almost over so here is my work up to date, my good friend Dave Wood sent me this brilliant mini for my collection an OOP Zoat from citadel miniatures will be in my games very soon

 BlackScorpion Undead Pirates for many games great miniatures and Im working on the pirate queen now to lead them

 Malufex snake monster  brilliant
 Another gift this time from Drew Wood a great  eastern Zombie Deamon
 Dark fable  Egyptian monster
 Warmachine   Goreshade the bastard, well you have to have one

 Ok naughty girls Vinnis miniatures Fighting nun
 Elven  sword maiden
 Merc captian 
 Prisoners of war
slave girl


  1. So much cool stuff! And well painted too!

    Well doen mate!

    YAAAR!!! (Yeah I like undead pirates)

  2. I remember Zoats!!! Great miniatures very good painting.