Friday, 4 July 2014

Tekumel Shen, Hinterland Native unit, Heroclix & young lady

 Tekumle  Project miniatures of the Shen (“The sixth member of the group was a nonhuman, a hulking reptilian Shén, native to the hot lands south of Livyánu, half a continent away. )
 Wonderful miniatures loads of character as a unit they look awesome, enjoyed painting them but  took 5 times longer than most  miniatures i have painted, but the results i hope are successful

 Shen fighting the dread Ahoggya, again tekumel project minis

 Some Shen engaging some humans all Tekumel miniatures
 A Wargames Foundry DA  miniature perhaps  Mark Copplestones greatest miniature i believe
 Hinterland Miniatures part 2 an Native unit brilliant figures

Re0based and a spot of paint Heroclix can;t resist fantastic miniatures


  1. Fantastic work the Shen are bigger than I first thought still great looking figures. Your Output puts us all to shame!

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  3. Great stuff! I like the native askarines.