Saturday, 9 August 2014

BOYL 2014 Oldhammer day

 Spent a wonderful time today at Wargames foundry at the BOYL Oldhammer day,meet and chatted to many old friends and new ones , superb games in action and some of the best painted miniatures i have seen in a long time. Here is me with Kevin Adams who enjoyed the day talking and  in good company. Below are some of the games going on a huge Siege game and many others with  great miniatures...
 WFB James game superb work on the table

 A great necromunda table 
 Shaun in charge all day at his post.
 lovely table and minis the houses were great

 the siege game  hundreds of miniatures

 fantastic stuff

 Brilliant 40 k game 

 I sat a did some art for people who requested and chatted for a time 

 James  Chaos army up close 


  1. Terrific photos! Such a treat to see! Thank you.

  2. This is all rather impressive!

  3. So wish I could be there! Doing artwork as well....would have loved to watch that.

  4. Awesome mate. Was the Sci Fi game Confrontation?

  5. What an amazing games back when Warhammer was fun. Thanks!

  6. The necromunda table was used for Judge Dredd (but with necromunda rules) the rusty 'Ferrograd' table was used for confrontation (amongst other things). It was a great weekend, especially enjoyed chatting with you Tony!

  7. You probably don't remember but thanks for coming up and chatting to me when I first arrived on Saturday and looked a little lost! Made me feel really welcome.

  8. Great photos, wonderful memories of a great weekend. I hope you don't mind if I use a couple of your pictures (properly credited) when I come to write my battle report of the siege? (My fellas were the fimir)