Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Donnybrook first game s pictures

 Well had a great time today me and Alec tried the Donnybrook Skirmish rules for the first time, 2 basic forces Pirates and  government troops and pirates vs native for the second game the standard first scenario, and we both agreed it was a very enjoyable experience lots of fun interaction and great game play. We will play this more as it seemed  to give a all round good  game... pictures below of  both of the games


  1. Another sweet looking AAR so do you like these rules better than IHMN or these games will be in addition to your IHMN games?

  2. I would say IHMN are the favourite but we decided not to play then to death and break and enjoy other rules Song of blades and Heroes, bolt action and this Donnybrook all are great fun games to play, and the mix and games played refresh each other so another Addition with Donnybrook yes, thanks always for comment and views